Review: Nomad USB charging cables

Review: Nomad USB charging cables

Summary: I tested the ChargeCard and ChargeKey charging cables from Nomad with the hope of leaving my normal USB charging cable at home. Here is what I found.

TOPICS: Hardware, Start-Ups

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  • Nomad have released ultra portable USB charging cables to charge up your devices.  I received a ChargeKey and ChargeCard and carried them about for a couple of weeks. I did not test the NomadClip charger on a carabiner.

    Image: Nomad


  • The packages are small and would easily sit in your post box. Unfortunately the external packaging for the review units I tested meant that the delivery would not fit into my mail box at home.

    Both arrived in a slim envelope with identical packaging and branding. The ChargeCard is at the top although you can not tell this from the initial opening of the packages.

    Image: Eileen Brown

Topics: Hardware, Start-Ups

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  • The card design is pretty bad.

    The USB part will ultimately either break off, get a broken connection within the cable, or become permanently bent, rendering the flat design useless. It would have been a much better design if the USB plug would simply swivel around 180 degrees instead of bending it, or "push to slide out" like some USB memory keys do.

    The key is pretty cool, though I'd like some cover caps on the plugs to help prevent against scratching the plug contacts. When my keychain is in my pocket with other keys, the potential of scratching from other keys is pretty high. But still, the design is much more useful.
    • From an owner

      I actually have a ChargeCard. Have had it for about a year now (According to my e-receipt). Honestly I've never HAD to use it, I've only used it because I simply had it. The material is actually pretty resistant to be permanently bent. But keep in mind, the flat design is so it can be stick in a wallet taking up as little space as possible.
      But honestly, my biggest gripe is the name. When you hear ChargeCard, you think "awesome I can quickly charge my phone while on the move" when as we now know is not the case - should have been called "ChargerCard" or something along those line.

      In short I still keep it in my wallet, BUT the key design would be a better item than the card design. My only complaint is that I have a multi-tool key ring, so I have no place to mount it on a key ring.

      But I will say, it's a nice tool for travelers.
  • sync too?

    Do these cables allow you to sync data as well?
    • Sync too?

      Yes. I have a ChargeKey. It came in handly when i was on a trip and forgot the charger. Plugged the key into my laptop and the laptopinto the wall.