Review: QuickBooks 2014 for Mac (Verdict: tax jedi)

Review: QuickBooks 2014 for Mac (Verdict: tax jedi)

Summary: In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. QuickBooks can't help with the former, but it can make the latter a little more tolerable.


It's the time of the year to start thinking about filing your annual tax return (unless you've already filed, you overachiever!). Whether you're an independent consultant, sole proprietor or small business owner you're probably pulling together your financial records in preparation for filing your annual tax return. The best way to get your business finances in order is with Intuit's QuickBooks for Mac ($179.95) which was just updated for 2014. 

As the big brother to Intuit's popular Quicken personal finance software, QuickBooks 2014 allows business owners, controllers and bookkeepers to create invoices, track sales, bill time, expenses and payroll. QuickBooks allows you to manage all of your business accounting in one integrated app.

New features in QuickBooks 2014 for Mac include:

QuickBooks 2014 for Mac Left Nav Bar - Jason O'Grady

The new Left Hand Toolbar (above) provides one-click access to your data and transactions. You can drag-and-drop items to customize numerous shortcuts that make navigating QuickBooks quicker.


The New Home Page (above) offers access to a complete overview of your company financials and business insights. The redesigned experience provides a dashboard view of end-to-end company performance.


The new Income Tracker (above) has been updated to display all your income-producing transactions in one location, including overdue invoices so you can remind customers to pay up.


The improved Customer Center (above) is fully customizable so that you can keep important customer (and vendor and transaction) information at your fingertips.

If you're new to QuickBooks or coming from QuickBooks for Windows an improved set up features simplifies the process by providing a recommended set of key activities to get you up-and-running quickly.

I've been using QuickBooks for Mac for years and I couldn't imagine running my own business without it. I especially like its ability to connect to all of my online banking accounts and easily download all of my transactions with one click. From there its easy to match transactions with renaming rules and batch entry. This alone saves hours of time every month if you make a lot of purchases for your company with a credit card. 

QuickBooks for Mac 2014 is great at tax time too because it saves you from the drudgery of doing your own taxes or preparing all your records for your accountant. It's an indispensable indispensable tool for any business owner tasked with keeping the books.

The normal one-user price is $249, but QuickBooks for Mac 2014 is available for a limited time for $179.95 from, Apple retail stores,, Amazon, Best Buy,, Fry’s, MacZones, Office Depot, OfficeMax and Staples. QuickBooks Online starts at $12.95/month and includes free mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.

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  • Are Split registers limited to three lines visible like on Windows version?

    Imagine a window displaying a matrix of text cells that only shows three lines at a time - and can't be expanded to show more. That's the split register window on QuickBooks for Windows. Unbelievably cruel.
    Johnny Hands
  • Yea... but what about compatibility with Windows version?

    The problem with QB for the Mac has been the compatibility with the Windows version. Even though I am a Mac person, my accountant uses Windows. In prior versions, I could not share my QB files and have her make corrections if I used the Mac version. I had to buy the Windows version along with Parallels and Win 7 mostly to run QB for Windows.

    Although I now have another use for Win 7 (other than playing Freecell), it would be nice if I didn't have to rely on the Win version of QB. So... did Intuit fix the compatibility issues between the two versions of QB?
    • Yea... but what about compatibility with Windows version?

      After looking at the feature set, it does appear that compatibility with the Windows version has been greatly improved.

      I prefer solutions that are platform agnostic. For instance, a database/accounting system based on the Filemaker database engine can be simultaneously used by Mac OS, Windows, or Linux users.
  • Still No Built-in Payroll

    I was hoping that Intuit would bring back the payroll module that they removed from QuickBooks for Mac a few years ago. I am appalled that there is no parity of features with the Windows version. Instead, you have to pay $25+/mo to use their on-line payroll service.

    No thanks. I am not about to be a Windows user to have full accounting capability, and I am not going to pay a monthly service fee for a couple paychecks, nor am I going to do it manually.

    AccountEdge still has the edge. Sorry, Intuit. So long as the Mac version of your software is the ugly stepchild, I will not buy it.
  • No Export to Turbotax!

    It's only been over 10 years since asking for the most basic feature for the Mac version... the ability to export income and expenses to TurboTax, made by the same company! But ... NO...

    What's the point of an upgrade? I can still track income in 2012 but not export it or expenses! Can you imagine manual input of expenses of 1000 purchases a year?
    Jefferis Peterson