Review: ScotteVest Tropiformer jacket (Verdict: Great for spring)

Review: ScotteVest Tropiformer jacket (Verdict: Great for spring)

Summary: If you're a geek and live in cool weather climate, I've got the perfect spring jacket for you.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad

The best things about the iPhone and iPad is that you can take them just about anywhere. The challenge is carrying your digital tools without looking like one. My favorite line of geek clothing is out, with the must-have jacket for spring — the Tropiformer ($150).

Review: ScotteVest Tropiformer jacket (Verdict: great for spring) - Jason O'Grady

One thing I like about living in the northeaster part of the US is the change of seasons. Now that spring is upon us, it's time to put away the heavy leather and down coats and replace them with a lightweight jacket. The Tropiformer jacket is the perfect weight for spring/fall, and quickly converts to a vest for warmer weather days without unzipping the sleeves (it uses a series of magnets).

Most people carry their iPhones with them, but it's difficult to carry an iPad without a dedicated bag. The ScotteVest Tropiformer jacket solves that problem with a unique pocket that fits either the full-sized or mini iPad right inside the jacket. And boom, you're hands free.

The Tropiformer is the perfect balance of style and function. It's a great-looking jacket that allows you to carry your iPhone and iPad (and a whole lot more) without having to wear a utility belt. The Tropiformer has 22 pockets, but it doesn't look like it. They're tastefully concealed, but extremely useful.

Probably the most useful feature is the Quick Draw Pocket on the front left of the jacket. When your iPhone's in it, you can see its screen by glancing at the inside of the jacket, and you can even operate the touchscreen through the clear material. I also like the extendable key holder in the right front pocket, because I don't worry about losing my keys when I'm biking or being active.

The magnets in the removable sleeves take a little getting used to (they like to attach to metal door frames and such), but it's hardly a deal breaker. The jacket's functionality and quick-draw sleeves more than make up for it. If you pull the trigger on this fun spring garment, go for the red or blue option and put a little color into your wardrobe. The green jacket's white accent colors are a sharp combination that gets lots of compliments.

Tropiformer comes in five colors and is available for $150 from the ScotteVest website.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Don't buy it

    These garments seem good at first view - but they are extremely expensive for what you get - like a regular, nice sweatshirt, with some scratchy, plastic pockets - costs twice as much as any other comparable sweatshirt. But OK, it was a nice sweatshirt and a cool gimmick. Until you wash it. Following directions on the label - cold wash, very low dry - the expensive garment turned into a rag. Sleeves shrunk to unwearable, holes in fabric, bunched up zipper. Even though they advertise a 2-year warranty, they would not honor it, calling ONE wash "normal wear and tear." And the plastic pockets make it impossible to dry clean, which is what you would do with any other expensive garment. Forget their gimmicks, get a cheap sweatshirt and a small messenger bag.