RIM and Motorola settle cross-licensing dispute

RIM and Motorola settle cross-licensing dispute

Summary: The two companies have settled a long-existing lawsuit over patents to wireless technology, including 3G and wireless email

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RIM and Motorola have reached an agreement over cross-licensing, after being caught up in a patent lawsuit battle for several years.

In a news release, the companies said the two have reached a cross-licensing agreement for "various patent rights, including 2, 3G, 4G, 802.11 and wireless email".

As part of the agreement, RIM will make an upfront payment and ongoing royalties to Motorola. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed. In its regulatory filing, RIM said it does not expect the agreement to impact its first quarter 2011 operating results or to have a material impact on future operating results.

The litigation between the two included cases in the UK, a dispute over imports that was filed with the US International Trade Commission and other lawsuits in federal court in Texas, according to a Bloomberg report.

This story originally appeared as RIM, Motorola agree on cross-licensing, settle all patent lawsuits on ZDNet.com.

Topic: Government UK

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