RIM lets BlackBerrys drive PowerPoint presentations

RIM lets BlackBerrys drive PowerPoint presentations

Summary: The BlackBerry Presenter device makes it possible to run presentations on a monitor or projector from one of RIM's smartphones, rather than from a notebook

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Research In Motion has introduced a device that will let most BlackBerry users deliver PowerPoint presentations from their phone, rather than from a laptop.

The BlackBerry Presenter, introduced on Wednesday at CES in Las Vegas, hooks up to a RIM smartphone via Bluetooth and to a monitor or projector via video cable.

"Mobile professionals are always looking to carry less when travelling," RIM product management chief Glenn Laxdal said in a statement on Wednesday. "BlackBerry Presenter equips mobile professionals with a simple, secure and convenient way to deliver presentations directly from their BlackBerry smartphone, giving them the freedom to leave their laptops behind."

The device weighs 140g and draws its power through a microUSB connection. It supports VGA, SVGA and XGA resolutions, and will work on any handset running BlackBerry Device Software v4.6. It will not work with the Curve 8300 series or Pearl Flip series, RIM said in its statement.

The BlackBerry presenter will go on sale in the UK within the next month for £119, according to RIM.

BlackBerry Presenter
The BlackBerry Presenter lets RIM customers avoid using a laptop for presentations

Topic: Networking

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