RIM officially announces 32GB 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM officially announces 32GB 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook

Summary: I can't say I completely understand the moves made by RIM over the past year and releasing a PlayBook with integrated cellular data surprised me.


I owned a couple of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, but kept selling them off because there were better alternatives that actually had a future. There was a longtime rumor of a 4G PlayBook in the works, but after the failure of the tablet, major price cuts, and RIM's woes I figured it was off the table. Thus, I was surprised to hear that RIM announced the 4G LTE BB PlayBook. The 4G LTE PlayBook will launch in Canada with Bell, Rogers, and TELUS on 9 August with availability in the coming months in other regions.

RIM officially announces 32GB 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook

This new PlayBook with cellular data will only come in the 32GB variant and is otherwise the same as the existing PlayBook tablet. The QNX-based OS is fantastic and a real pleasure to use, but with the tight integration with a BB smartphone and low price of existing PlayBook devices I just do not see a market for one like this that will require another data plan from the carrier. I do still think the WiFi PlayBook is one of the best choices for a WiFi tablet, especially if you honestly compare the hardware to other devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

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  • Finally a kind word

    Seems rare to get some honest positive statements from a blogger about the Playbook.
    John Hanks
  • http://www.burnthebenjamin.com/

  • Comparing the Specs, what a novel concept!

    Yes, if people did actually compare the specs of the various 7 inch tablets available, they would have to admit that the PlayBook is one of the best available. However, it would seem that the majority of Tech Bloggers are incapable of such a simple and honest comparison. It is refreshing to find that some take the time to be objective. Thank you for your honesty and integrity.

    Oh, I should point out that the 4G LTE Playbooks have a 1.5 GHz processor, compared to the 1 GHz Wifi models.