Rock out and run with the JayBird BlueBuds X ultimate Bluetooth earbuds (review)

Rock out and run with the JayBird BlueBuds X ultimate Bluetooth earbuds (review)

Summary: I enjoy listening to music and podcasts while I run and haven't used anything but a sweat proof JayBird product for the last couple of years. The latest model, the BlueBuds X, provide a significant improvement over the last and are the ultimate Bluetooth headset to exercise with.


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  • Back of the BlueBuds X retail package

    There is also a Getting Started Guide and while you could get away from reading it with previous models, I highly recommend you check it out to see the details on the two different methods of wearing these earbuds. I have always worn my JayBird earbuds running under my ear and around the back of my neck and have honestly never had a problem with a secure fit using this method. You can continue to wear the BlueBuds X this way, but you may also want to consider the over-the-ear option. The over-the-ear option is designed for those who just want to listen to music (not make calls) and get the cord off the back of their neck. I rarely receive calls when running so I decided to try out this over-the-ear option first.

    The secure fit ear cushions (wings) are applied differently for over-the-ear usage and the controller moves from the right ear to the left ear. You use the included cable clips to reduce the length of cord that hangs down and tidy things up. I followed the specific directions in the guide and fitted up the BlueBuds X for over-the-ear usage. The earbuds fit into your ear and then the cable runs forward a bit and up over the front/top of your ear and around the back. I didn't think this felt as comfortable as the under-the-ear method I was used too, but decided to give it a try on a couple of runs. It turns out that this method holds the earbuds securely in place and worked pretty well. However, I still prefer the under-the-ear method as the BlueBuds X feel more secure for my ear form and the cable on the neck never bothers me. It is great that you have two options and I am sure one of them will work best for you too.

  • BlueBuds X and included carrying case

    There are three buttons and a mic opening on the BlueBuds X. The center button is used to turn on the earbuds and setup the connection to your Bluetooth device. Voice prompts, she is listed as Jenna in the documentation, make pairing and status checks easy. The center button is also used to play/pause and make/end phone calls. The upper button is for volume up and skip forward while the lower button is for volume down and skip back. A press and hold is used for the alternative control that a simple tap does not activate.

    I found that the JayBird Freedom Sprint improved on an already solid Bluetooth signal from the first generation and can say that the BlueBuds X makes this connection even better. I could get the Freedom Sprint to cut out every once in a while if I held my MOTOACTV down low on my left side with the JayBird control side in my opposite (right) ear. I have not had one skip or messed up connection with the BlueBuds X even after placing the MOTOACTV on the complete diagonally opposite side of my body so can rest assured that my music will play flawlessly with the BlueBuds X. You may not expect awesome sound from a sweat proof pair of headphones designed for those who work out to music, but I can tell you that I have been using these on my train commute even when I am not working out. Previously, I used wired earbuds for commute audio, but these have such fantastic audio quality that I am now using them for most everything. JayBird calls their Bluetooth audio technology Shift while also labeling their filtering system PureSound. They really do sound fantastic and I know you will be impressed.

  • Included package contents

    Bluetooth 2.1+EDR is used since the new Bluetooth 4 (Bluetooth Low Energy) is not designed for high bandwidth stereo music and JayBird wants to provide you with the best audio experience. You can pair up to eight devices with the BlueBuds X and I used them with my MOTOACTV, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, and Galaxy Note II. You can purchase them now for $169.95 in either black or white. These are expensive, but when you consider they have fantastic audio quality and provide everything you could want in a Bluetooth headset that may be enough to justify the cost. I sweat a LOT when I workout and have yet to have a failure of a JayBird Bluetooth headset so their lifetime sweat proof warranty is alone worth the value to me as other headsets have failed me due to sweat.

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  • Love the BlueBuds X!

    Thanks for reviewing these headphones! I absolutely love working out and being active without worrying about wires holding me back!
    Melissa Jo Glover
  • FX-Sport VR1 better than Jaybird

    The main issue with bluetooth is that I don't want to have to take my phone with me on a run or in the gym. I sure don't want to take a call. Also, despite the "signal plus" of Jaybird, you still get signal drop out when the wire is folded into the clip. They are also a bit weak in bass.
    The fx-sport model is just sooo easy [and not in ear]. The mp3 is integrated into small over the ear headphones. I can browse playlists. Quality is great and I can structure all my workouts with the integrated personal trainer. For me, just a lot better.
  • Price?

    They must be pretty expensive since the cost of a pair is never mentioned.
    • Check the 4th page of the review

      Given the gallery format, the review is four pages long so the price is listed on the 4th page/image. Thanks for reading the review.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • £170

  • Hi Matthew

    Hi Matthew,
    I already have the Jaybird Freedom and I really like them! It's been almost 2 years of this and I still wear them! I LOVE THEM!

    My question for you now is:
    I do use MOTOACTV (and love it either) too and I'd like to know if you can change to the next song with those buttons you have on Jaybird Bluebuds X ?

    Thanks you in advance!
  • Jaybird Bluebuds X

    i love my Jaybird Bluebuds X bluetooth is just awesome..the lifetime warranty against sweat is this bluebuds x have 8 hour of battery! I bought mine at (Malaysian based website)