Rogers Moto X video shows off advanced voice control and active updates

Rogers Moto X video shows off advanced voice control and active updates

Summary: We are seeing more and more about the Moto X appear, and a new Rogers video shows the device with a release date in August.


The Moto X was confirmed by Dennis Woodside at All Things D in May, and since then, we have seen marketing materials and a focus on personalization. The latest discovery by Ausdroid is a Rogers promotional video that shows the powerful voice command functionality in the Moto X.

Rogers video of Moto X shows off advanced voice control and active updates

It seems the leaks, whether intentional or accidental, are heating up, and that likely means we will see the launch of the Moto X soon. We were told it would come sometime before October, but it looks like we may see it sooner rather than later. The Rogers rep in the video stated it will be coming in August. With a focus on the US assembly, I imagine we may see it launch here first before moving to Canada so we could see it this month.

I like hearing about the US assembly plan, and the outside customization is a nice touch. However, this model of the Moto X looks to be a mid-range smartphone, and for my personal usage I focus primarily on the high-end devices.

The hands-free native voice control looks great, and I hope this is related to Android 4.3, rather than a Motorola exclusive. You can get this type of capability now on Android with apps like Dragon, where you simply say "Hello Dragon" and then speak your command. Since I work in a quiet engineering office and ride a commuter train, I rarely find the need or desire to control my phone with my voice, so I am not particularly excited about the functionality shown in the video for my own personal needs.

The video also shows a gesture-based method of launching the camera, which saves more time than tapping on the display in multiple locations.

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  • I thought this was a customizable phone...?

    I was expecting more than two colors, and also the ability to add customizable hardware options at the factory, such as a device to shock a thief, like a tazer if the phone is stolen.

    This is real important if I have to sign another 3-year contract with Rogers. I don't want to have to pay full price for a replacement again.

    Also, I have a serious question- if the phone is always listening, and transferring data, will I have to upgrade my data plan? This could be a very expensive upgrade.
    donald duck 313
    • Two colors is what is in stores/online ordering offers many more options.

      The black and white models will be available in retails establishments and carrier stores. If you order online via the Motorola website then you can customize to your hearts content. Rumor is that in addition to over a dozen colors that you can mix and match for rear plate and side trim that there will be different material options such as ceramic, textures, kevlar and cloth.
  • made in usa? seriously?

    Why any company would state there product is made in usa ? Has zero knowledge of business. Made in usa = more expensive phone, phone shortage from slow production, also many defective phones, leading to unprecedented amount of returns, inferior build quality, no profits, not allowing a 2nd generation because of this terrible phone. it might make a nice paper weight? Or maybe since the phones are going to be built by unions , our government might buy the over priced inferior phones & use them for the new obama phones 2nd gen. That would make since as a business decision making a high priced obama phone
    • Because moto was banned from importing phones

      into the USA because they were illegally using Microsoft IP without paying for it. Eric Schmidt and google gave massive amounts of money to obamas campaign and got a secret backroom deal which stopped customs from carrying out the court ordered ban. Dirty politics from a corrupt administration. Now MS has to sue the US government to get it enforced.
      Johnny Vegas
  • "This video is private"

    Got a new link?
  • Google/Motorola

    Google seems to not want the CMDA carriers to be involved. so if your with Sprint take those millions of customers someplace else.