Romney’s ‘Binders full of women’ comment creates new Amazon meme

Romney’s ‘Binders full of women’ comment creates new Amazon meme

Summary: The second presidential debate has created a new meme on Amazon which looks set to run and run. Binders full of women anyone?

Amazon Avery binder
Credit: Amazon

Some items sold on Amazon capture our imaginations, give us the opportunity to showcase our sense of humour and post off the wall comments.

This week the Amazon meme is down to a comment from presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

For those of you who are not slavishly following the run up to the election in the US, the second presidential debate last Tuesday evening provided the inspiration for the meme.

Romney was talking about gender equality and wondered why all the applicants ‘seemed to be men’. Romney pushed his staff to search for more women.

“I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?’ ” said Romney. “And [they] brought us whole binders full of women.

There is irony, wit, poetry and prose across the product range at Amazon.

Have a look at some of the comments for the Wheelmate Laptop steering wheel desk, How to avoid huge ships, Tuscan whole milk or a BIC Crystal for her pen. We like to inject a little humour into the buying process.

There is also the Veet for Men Hair removal Creme (Warning language NSFW), UFO detector, Whole rabbit, Uranium ore and my personal favourite the Mountain three wolf short sleeve tee complete with video song.

Now political pundits, wags and wits are expressing themselves on Amazon’s Avery durable view binder (‘IT DOES NOT COME WITH WOMEN’) page with comments such as:

‘if you're looking for a binder to fill with women, this is the right one for you. A woman's place is in her binder’.

‘I just love being in here with all the girls! It's like our own little club. Who knew we were all so competent? What I want to know is. . . can we still cook and stay within the binder?’

‘This is hands down the best binder ever manufactured in China’.

I’m sure that there are many more items across Amazon with runaway comment memes.

Social media anthropologists must be filled with glee watching the link propagate across Facebook and Twitter. A Tumblr site was quickly compiled dedicated to the phrase. A new meme has been born, and it shows no sign of dying just yet.

And with the seemingly inexhaustible supply of verbal gaffes by people in the media, there will be more to come for sure.

Well done Internet – and well done Amazon for our latest smile.

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  • Guy deserves it

    Mitt deserves the ridicule. He responded to a woman's question on how he would help ensure that women get equal pay for equal work by noting that as governor of Massachusetts he actively sought to fill a few cabinet positions with token female employees. That's the sum total of his non discrimination policy: hire a few token women and point to them when people criticize your hiring practices.

    Forget the fact that even in this he was being "disngenuous." Romney never sought out female cabinet members. Rather women's groups *came to him* with a resumes of qualified women.
    • stop peddling your sexist agenda!

      no real woman would support an antiamerican socialist impostor.
      The lame stream media fuels this non issue in search of an audience, instead of praising the the 5 point plan that Mr. Romney will save America with.
      LlNUX Geek
      • Can you name...

        the 5 points?
        • here they are

          and don't forget to donate there so we can all enjoy the benefits of the plan.
          LlNUX Geek
          • Or...

            Or you could read someone who actually knows what he's talking about:

          • Krugman?

            That dude can't be objective to save his life! Partisan as they come! His idea was we should have doubled the stimulus! We would be at $20 Trillion in debt right now if he had his way.
          • You cite Krugman as someone credible

            seriously? Krugman?
          • Krugman?

            I mean, he's only got a Nobel prize in economics... what the heck does he know about the economy, right?
          • he lacks conservative credentials

            What can you expect from a liberal NY proffessor and a bunch of elitist socialists in the Nobel comitee. Thanks God we are not in EU!
            LlNUX Geek
          • A bit lacking

            You're right, of course, but what he lacks in conservative credentials he makes up for in intelligence, acuity and sanity.
          • Nobel Prizes mean about diddly squat these days.....

            The EU just got a Nobel Prize. Obama got one for sending troops to war. Do you really think that organization is not political to the leftists? The policies that have sank the EU into a debt crisis and no way to get out especially with their stupid one continent currency!
          • Are you for real?

            You are a two dimensional mor*n. Your world is divided into liberals and conservatives. In your world, there is a conspiracy of Hollywood and "mainstream media" (90% of all media) to bring "socialism" to the U.S. Science, climate change, nobel prize - these are all "liberal" and "elitist" domains. You want mor*ns like you (high school education, maybe community college?) to take power and rule the rest of us. You dispise educated people, you probably haven't read a book in years...
          • This would be the same committee that

            gave Obama a peace prize just for showing up as President. So your point is what, precisely? I mean, other than committing an Appeal to Authority fallacy. As far as economists go, give me Friedman.
          • Yes.....

            Friedman is the man. He won a Nobel probably when it was more respectable to get a Nobel. Friedman is a free market guy and Krugman is a control freak guy!
          • You do realize...

            You do realize that Milton Friedman was a big proponent of just the sort of quantitative easing measures that the nutjobs in your party are deriding as treasonous debasing of the currency, right?
          • The stimulus

            The stimulus totalled $787 billion dollars. How you get $20 trillion from doubling that is anybody's guess. Probably the same math Romney uses to pay for his tax cut.
          • Well......

            You think thats actually the cost of that single bailout bill, but since Obama has taken over we have seen on average $1.3 Trillion deficits every year. Krugman would probably advise $2 Trillion of debt. Which would put us around $20 Trillion. There isn't enough men, women, and children to make up the current deficit numbers. America is smoking something good to be able to think these numbers are sustainable.
          • Trillion

            The first trillion dollar deficit in U.S. history was a result of George W. Bush's last budget. And the reasons we're seeing deficits of this scale can be largely attributed to the Bush tax cuts combined with the collapse in tax receipts that resulted from the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis.

            Those are the facts. I know they're inconvenient for someone of your political persuasion, but the are the facts, after all.
          • that dude is clueless

            Not even a mom and pop shop would hire him to keep the accounting books.
            Only liberals don't laugh at his socialist ideas.
            LlNUX Geek
          • Really...

            Really, Linuxgeek... throwing around the workd "socialist" doesn't make up for the fact that you've got no argument to speak of.