Rosetta Stone pushes language e-learning growth in Brazil

Rosetta Stone pushes language e-learning growth in Brazil

Summary: The company has signed two significant contracts with Brazilian organizations over the last week

TOPICS: Education

US online language learning giant Rosetta Stone has announced two deals in a matter of days that will significantly boost its Brazil footprint.

The first, a partnership with Rio de Janeiro-based university Estácio, the third largest in the country by number of students, will see a range of courses offered as part of postgraduate degrees.

From this month, those enrolled postgraduate distance education courses will be able to opt from a range of 30 language Rosetta Stone modules for two semesters.

As well as the Estácio deal, signed last Friday (19 July) the company also announced a partnership with the Brazilian Lawyers Institute. The association's 330,000 members will be able to benefit from the language courses, as well as their immediate families.

Rosetta Stone's products, which focus on language learning and pronunciation improvement, have been used by more than 37,000 businesses worldwide, including 20,000 educational organizations.

The business has had a Brazil base for two years. Over the last 12 months, its student base has grown by more than 60 percent, boosted by the acquisition of online social learning company Livemocha, which had about three million users.

Topic: Education

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  • re: e-learning growth in Brazil

    With Brazil's growing middle class, I'd say this is just in time.