RSA Conference walkouts set up rival event following NSA row

RSA Conference walkouts set up rival event following NSA row

Summary: A rival event to the RSA Conference has been set up by speakers who pulled out of the annual security event following reports about security firm RSA's dealings with the National Security Agency.

TOPICS: Security

A group of speakers who pulled out of the RSA Conference have set up a rival security conference.

The one-day TrustyCon event will take place in February, during this year's RSA Conference four-day run, at a venue near to the RSA gathering in San Francisco.

A number of speakers pulled out of the RSA Conference following reports that RSA Security introduced a flawed algorithm into its encryption products as part of a contract with the US National Security Agency. RSA Security, owned by data storage giant EMC, has disputed these claims.

F-Secure's chief research officer Mikko Hypponen will deliver the TrustyCon keynote, "The talk I was going to give at RSA", and will be joined by other speakers who dropped out of the RSA Conference, including Marcia Hofmann, special counsel at the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Christopher Soghoian, senior policy analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union, and Chris Palmer, software engineer at Google. At present there are still slots available for speakers.

Sponsors for the event so far include CloudFlare, Microsoft and iSEC Partners.

Documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have shown that the NSA had been engaged in trying to weaken internet encryption.

TrustyCon will be held on 27 February, during the RSA Conference's four day run, at the AMC Theatre at the Metreon on 4th and Mission in San Francisco.

Topic: Security


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  • If you are a talented person or an expert, please, do not take any job from

    If you are a talented person or an expert, please, do not take any job from the evil part of the world, do not take any job from the US governments, don't be evil.

    Do not help anyone who keeps the real progress of the humankind far behind. "USgovNO!"

    "NSA surveillance does little to prevent terrorism, says think-tank report": "there was only one case out of the 225 that was initiated by NSA evidence. The case involved a cab driver named Basaaly Moalin who was convicted of sending money to Somalian terrorist groups. While successful, the case did not involve any direct threat of attack"

    So the only conclusion is the USA wants to keep people and allies under control, nothing else.
    Jiří Pavelec
  • while you are tossing stones

    could you please point out the "good" governments of the world we should be supporting. Tell us all about the ones who have (more than once) sent their sons off to die for someone else's freedom? Who supports the poorer countries of the world with billions of dollars of THEIR tax money? Who sends in AID at every disaster, but never asks to be repaid?

    I've got a few more questions, since you feel you have earned the right to criticize America. What has YOUR country done for the world, not itself...the rest of us? I'll wait.

    This countries government does things I do not approve of. We'll deal with it locally. Once you can answer all our questions, you can talk about our government.
  • Be concerned about Google!

    The biggest threat to our privacy is from Google, not the NSA. So if you care about your privacy, then don't use that sketchy company. Instead, I recommend checking out DuckDuckGo, Ravetree, and HushMail as privacy-based alternatives.