Russian hackers 'the best in the world'

Russian hackers 'the best in the world'

Summary: Russians who once hacked for fun are now teaming up to get rich through cybercrime, according to police

TOPICS: Security

The Russian police's cybercrime division, known as Department K, has warned that Russian hackers are the best in the world.

"Everyone knows that Russians are good at maths," said lieutenant general Boris Miroshnikov of Department K. "Our software writers are the best in the world, that's why our hackers are the best in the world."

Speaking at the e-Crime Congress in London on Tuesday, Miroshnikov said that the casual teenaged hackers of the past developed their techniques as they grew older.

"It used to be naughty boys [doing this]," he said. "But now they've grown up. They realise if you are clever at something then you should use it to earn a living. They are hacking to get rich and uniting over networks."

Miroshnikov called for unified international laws for Internet crime that would make it easier for the police to carry out arrests and charges around the world.

On Tuesday the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit's said that cybercrime cost UK firms £2.4bn last year as consequence of online crime last year. Miroshnikov said this was alarming, but that the international police effort was starting to take effect.

"The statistics are really very worrying," he said. "If you look at 2001, 2002 and 2003, computer crime was doubling. It's only this year that we've started to hold back the growth. That's because we've worked so hard.

"When governments get [ISPs], law enforcement, public and private sector cooperating, then and only then will we be able to succeed in holding back this type of crime."

Russian hackers have been blamed for a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks against UK gambling Web sites, who are now urging ISPs to provide all their customers with better security.

Topic: Security

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  • Best in the world? The best hackers in the world are those who DONT get caught! Russian smussian, they can't even govern their own country properly.
  • Russians go go !!! ;]
  • You know why they're the best? Because the packet sniffers translate they're show in russian.
    Eat my floppy American dogs!
  • Hello I am a canadian and I was wondering if you could help me or point me in the right direction, I recently been scammed by a Russian woman and I was wondering if you knew how I could contact the Russian Tax Police or any other people who would know what to do so I can tell them my whole story, I know my money is probably gone forever which is heart breaking because I am far from poor but I would be grateful if this woman had to pay the Tax Police taxes because I would rather see my money help the Russian government and to the decent people who actually deserve the money instead of it being in the hand or hands of these internet scammers, Thanks.

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  • American Hackers

    My company has just recently started recieving lots of problems by a hacker that goes by V8524729.
    Who ever this person is, the are good. My company is a high security facility, and this individual can get into the mainframe, and access our databases, and we cant seem to trace it. All we have is a call sign. Anyone else heard of this name???
  • Everyone seems to believe that hackers are very sophisticated, intelligent and very good in hacking. All hackers in the whole world use hacker software which gives people (who calls themselves hackers) access to any computer or real-time operating system in the whole world. So hackers are just using software for getting into computers etc and with these software programs it's possible to do almost anything in a computer system. Also, hackers have developed a lot of freeware or shareware programs which all contain trojans and backdoors. I have seen it with my own eyes how hackers have full control over software,
    operating systems, real-time operating systems, hardware, and much more. I for an example saw how hackers messed with me when I used Notepad++, GIMP and Open Office.
    So today's hackers aren't even hackers. In the 1960's when ARPANET was created then there existed real hackers who knew everything about how to get into computers etc.
    So hackers today are just small losers who don't know a shit about anything.
  • Also, almost all hackers think that it's so cool to write with small letters....
    Example: if u r a hacker...
    The reason for why so called hackers think it's so cool to write with small letters has to do with that most so called hackers use Linux and in Linux you write a lot with small characters..
    And C function names are always with small letters and with an underscore "_" between the letters in the function name. Example: int my_cool_function (int hackersAreFrauds);
    So grow up hackers. I used to think that it was cool to write with small letters, but I write like an adult today. I'm not a hacker myself, but I know a lot about hackers and hacking.
    I have programmed a lot of BSD socket programming too so I know a lot about communication and the protocols and how a TCP/IP stack works because I have studied the source code for ENEA Embedded Technology's TCP/IP stack becuase I worked at ENEA for approx. 7 years.
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  • The top 5 hacker countries are:
    1. Russia
    2. Germany
    3. Sweden
    4. USA
    5. China
  • To all people who have problems with hackers:
    It doesn't matter how secure your network is. The hackers can get into all world's computers even if the computer hasn't a TCP/IP connection up and running. The worst thing of all is to use wireless connections because it's a childs play for hackers to sniff all data packets between two or more wireless nodes and the hackers can modify the data between the nodes while the data is being transferred. So with today's hackers software - that the hackers use - the hackers can do things very fast and while data is being transferred between one or more nodes.

    I have also many times tried to change my passwords to very difficult and complex passwords, but this doesn't help at all because the hackers can get into the computer in anyway. So I use a good password now, but hackers in the world already has all my usernames and passwords so I don't really care anymore.

    Bluetooth is also bad and I've seen hackers get into different type of equipment through Bluetooth adapters or similar.

    The Linux operating system is bad. It's full of trojans and backdoors for hackers to get in through. Many of the background processes that run in all Linux distributions are in fact spy processes and trojans and backdoors. Hackers have also taken control over all Open Source code so that they can do anything with Linux users. The same problem with the Linux real-time operating system. There are keyloggers and spy stuff so that hackers can get all kinds of information about all users of Linux.

    Microsoft Windows doesn't have as many problems as Linux, but even in Windows there seems to pop-up trojan processes like the plugin-container process (plugin-container.exe)
    which comes with the Firefox network browser.

    These problems don't just appear in computers. Hackers have total control over all mobile phones in the whole world. I have seen this happen and I saw it the first time in an old Nokia which I had when I worked at ENEA Embedded Technology. Hackers changed and modified texts and much more in my mobile phone, and the hackers have done things with my later mobile phones too.

    The only thing that can be done in an operating system is to use Windows and not Linux (I have studied Linux in school and I have worked with Unix (Solaris) for almost 7 years) so I would normally choose Linux because it's much more user-friendly and much more than Windows. But Windows works better if you have problems with hackers. The only thing that can be done is to set up the Window firewall and not install any freeware programs. Not even shareware. There exist many software programs like Photoshop which also contain trojans and backdoors - and I bought a legal version for my girlfriend and I directly saw that things weren't like they should be in a legal version(!).

    Also, it's better to use Internet Explorer than Firefox. I have used Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox and I think that Firefox works the best... BUT... Firefox is full of trojans and backdoors, but I still use it because the hackers won't let me use Internet Explorer (!).

    Does all of this sound like a conspiracy? Yes, perhaps it is that :-) I'm against what is happening and I have been against it since 2003/2004 or similar.

    Well, I could write a lot about the things that are happening but I will quit here.

    /Raza Lifländer/Anjam
  • The best thing is to use Windows and the Windows firewall. It doesn't help much to have an anti-virus program installed. In all anti-virus programs there are trojans and backdoors. I have tried several anit-virus prorgams and of course these can remove some viruses, but today's developing hackers create more intelligent and sophisticated viruses than before when viruses were just supposed to steal and destroy stuff on people's computers.

    And that is how it is....
  • razlif (or should I call you Mr Gates) I've been working on Unix and Linux systems for 20 years and I have never had one hacked. On the other hand, I've seen plenty of Windows "servers" hacked and rendered unusable, mostly by script kiddies. And that is how it really is....
  • Mr Bill Gates? Tsss... Grow up.
    openhgs, I assume that you are one of those 800 000 Illuminati losers.
    Have you worked 20 years with Unix and Linux? Like what - a system administrator?
    A system admin doesn't know much. You only work on the surface and not on protocol level and with socket programming etc so you don't know a shit about what is happening below the surface. Somehow I have become an enemy with hackers so they have messed a lot with me and I like it because then I learn.
    Even though you have 20 years of experience .... I began programming when I was 9 years old and I have met many people who have longer experince than you have and they don't know much. And if you haven't seen any hacker activities then you don't know much about things... Which company do you work for if you are "so" knowledged? Have you only worked at the same company? I have worked at 5 different companies so I have more knowledge than you have. That is, if you only have worked with Unix and Linux systems. I for an example know the automative and telecom business very well and these businesses almost go hand-in-hand . And if you haven't worked with ENEA's OSE then you don't know much about things.

    And openhgs, do you know why you don't see any hacker activity in Linux? Because the Linux hackers don't mess with viruses in their working environemt. And they don't show people that they have backdoors and trojans etc in Linux.
  • razlif, your posts must be a joke!
    Photoshop full of trojans?
    I think your conspiracy theories are maybe just a little too paranoid? :)
  • I've been taught that the wise and intelligent one keeps quiet and lets the sheep talk :-)