SA950i headphones are an amazing value at just $59.95 (review)

SA950i headphones are an amazing value at just $59.95 (review)

Summary: There are a ton of headphone options out there and the latest unit I have been testing, the RHA 950i, feels great, fits well, and sounds amazing.


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  • RHA SA950i headphones retail package

    I have been checking out a lot of different audio products recently and have been using the RHA MA450i earphones on a regular basis. They sound fantastic, have a well designed cord that doesn't tangle, and are priced low. RHA sent along their other iOS-optimized audio product, the SA950i headphones, and they too are good performers.

  • Opening the RHA 950i headphones

    Retail package, fit and functionality

    RHA created a very attractive retail package for the SA950i that shows glossy photos of the headphones. You can open a flap to reveal the headphones through a clear plastic window on the right. On the left you will find a photo blow up of the headphones, mic, and a performance chart.

  • Inside the retail package

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