Sage launches entry-level cloud invoicing service

Sage launches entry-level cloud invoicing service

Summary: Sage One Invoicing can be upgraded to the company's full-featured accounting offering at any time.


Sage North America has added a new point of entry to its Sage One portfolio of cloud financial software: Sage One Invoicing. The service, priced at $9 per month, allows small-business owners to convert quotes into invoices and to deliver them to their customers via email. It integrates with PayPal (as well as Sage's own digital payments service). 

Right now, many small businesses still use spreadsheets or word processors to create invoices, which must then be reconciled with their manual accounting system or shared with their accountant. Services like Sage One Invoicing take out the step of having to reconcile them later. What's more, they can help managers keep on top of aging invoices more easily. Sage North America also has an ulterior motive: users of the new invoicing service can upgrade at any time to the standard edition of Sage One Standard, which includes a full range of accounting and financial management tools. Pricing for Sage One Standard starts at $24 per month.

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