, Oracle partner in cloud, Oracle partner in cloud

Summary: In a nine-year deal, the and Oracle clouds will be integrated.


Big news in enterprise land today: sometime-rivals and Oracle announced this morning a nine-year partnership to integrate their clouds.

The deal encompasses all three tiers of cloud computing: applications, platform and infrastructure.

For Salesforce's part, the company plans to standardize on the Oracle Linux operating system, Exadata engineered systems, the Oracle Database and Java Middleware Platform.

For Oracle's part, the company plans to integrate with Oracle's Fusion HCM and Financial Cloud, as well as provide the core technology to power's applications and platform. will also implement Oracle's Fusion HCM and Financial cloud applications throughout the company.

"Larry and I both agree that and Oracle need to integrate our clouds," Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said.

"Marc and I believe it's important that our two companies work together to make it happen," Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said.

(It is at this point that you may pick up your slackened jaw from the ground.)

There are several points to take away from this. First, the cloud has to be interoperable, and that's why you're seeing this deal. Second, legacy vendors like Oracle have something newer vendors like Salesforce need, but also vice versa.

And finally, the announcement follows Ellison's compliment to Benioff and president Mark Hurd's promise of "startling announcements" during Oracle's recent earnings call. (The first: a deal with Microsoft.) We're seeing some of that today, and it appears to be dramatically changing the enterprise landscape.

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  • Hostile Take Over

    This is not partnership, this is a hostile take over if you ask me! Salesforce already uses oracle DB, Java and hardware and it seems the contract is over, and with this Salesforce could be out of business in days if they had to rewrite thier cod using a different programming language, so it seems Oracle made them sign this new contract for 9 years and eventually buy them out or make them bankrupt. Oracle ownes 90% of the CRM space already indirectly and they own Siebel, RightNow and Netsuite...They are also going after the little CRM vendors such as and possibly Zoho