shuttering social productivity app shuttering social productivity app

Summary: Apparently not every app in the Salesforce cloud is productive.

SHARE: is quietly shuttering its social productivity app

Announced in a brief email to subscribers on Friday afternoon, there are few details being made public as to why the Software-as-a-Service giant is discontinuing service as of January 31, 2014.

For now, there are only answers about how to save any data stored in the cloud-based service before it is too late to reach it.

The team affirmed that it is developing an export tool that should be ready by November 15. All user data will be permanently deleted after January 31.

No new users registrations are being accepted, but current subscribers can still invite new people to existing groups, projects and tasks.

As for billing, annual subscribers will receive a pro-rated refund for unused months, effective November 1. launched more than a year ago as the "the app to get work done with anyone" with numerous social media-infused tools for accomplishing tasks with a team. It was most recently updated in February with support for syncing up third-party apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive -- features also available elsewhere in the CRM company's portfolio such as Salesforce Files.

Based on previous versions of the platform, it is possible that spread itself too thin without a clear product focus.

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    Too bad, had one of the best products, I highly respect them! If anyone's looking for an alternative that is being used by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, try out, with lots of awesome things in the pipe!
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    That happens when big guys don't care too much about their clients. Hopefully the export they've promised in the following weeks will work smoothly. It's pretty sad when such events occur but, at least, there's plenty of time for existing clients to look for alternatives.
    Paymo offers solid functionality combined with a similar and even better interface, so it might worth a look:

    We welcome anyone interested!
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    Hi Rachel,

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