Salesforce refocuses business strategy around six industries

Salesforce refocuses business strategy around six industries

Summary: The company's New Industries Business Unit will deliver social, mobile and connected cloud solutions for six global industries, with a strategy that includes building out its team of industry experts and creating an ecosystem of partners.

SHARE: announced Wednesday that it is realigning its sales strategy around six industries — financial services/insurance, health care/life sciences, retail/consumer products, communications/media, public sector and automotive/manufacturing — with a focus on providing a suite of social, mobile and connected cloud solutions that it thinks will better enable those industries to connect with customers. 

Salesforce said its strategy includes building out a team of industry experts, developing an ecosystem of preferred partners and creating solutions that leverage the company's Salesforce1 Platform to address the major challenges for each sector.

Although each industry's mission is tweaked around specific customer needs, an overarching theme reigns throughout — customer engagement.

Keith Block, president and vice chairman of, said in a statement:

As we look to grow to $10 billion and beyond, our new industries strategy is a huge opportunity for to expand our footprint within existing customers and reach new enterprise customers. Companies across all industries are turning to to help them transform their business models and connect with their customers in new ways.

As for it's A-team of industry experts, the CRM giant has named Andy Baer, the former CIO for Comcast Cable, as head of communications; Shelley Bransten, former VP of CRM marketing for Gap, as head of retail and consumer products; Patrick Pelata, former COO of Renault, as head of automotive; and Todd Pierce, former CIO at Genentech, as head of health care and life sciences. 

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  • And what happens to everyone else's support?

    I don't seriously think that customers outside of the target industries are going lose their accounts, but if this isn't handled right, stepchild status is a realistic possibility. Not a good thing for a company aspiring to manage every other company's contacts.
    John L. Ries