Salesforce sets sights on Europe

Salesforce sets sights on Europe

Summary: The company is eyeing international expansion, especially in the EU, chief operating officer George Hu has said

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0 is looking to scale its business as it lands larger enterprise software deals and eyes international expansion.

George Hu, chief operating officer of Salesforce, speaking at a Wells Fargo technology conference on Wednesday, made the following points: The company has organised around enterprise and SME sales. Ultimately, Salesforce sees itself as the front-end system of record, or "system of engagement." Social enterprise projects are driving more high-level engagements with the C-suite.

More broadly, Hu's speech revolved around international expansion. Today, Salesforce has a lot of traction in two countries — the US and Japan. In the future, Salesforce is eyeing the EU. "I think given what is happening in Europe in aggregate right now, we are doing as well or better than anyone else frankly in the market," he said. "We see huge opportunity there and I just really believe in the strategy and I think we are seeing the returns of it."

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Topic: Tech Industry

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