Salesforce's intros 'More' ecosystem to link third-party apps

Salesforce's intros 'More' ecosystem to link third-party apps

Summary: Like Google Drive and Box, Salesforce's is also getting in touch with its third-party apps by offering more direct access and prominence.

zdnet-salesforce-DoImage1, the social productivity app maker, is working on becoming a fully-fledged productivity ecosystem with the introduction of its new Do More platform.

The company's platform has primariliy been about sharing projects and content within a team to boost productivity.

With Do More, the plan is to sync up and link even more work-related data -- specifically from some popular third-party apps and partners.

For example, users can directly access and share files from Dropbox and Google Drive from within Do More. Other use cases include the Do Chat feature for instant messaging and Contractually for automating the creation of Do Contracts.


As for Salesforce app connections, Do will be linked to for collaboration on handling customer service issues.

Generally, the idea is to offer customers with a one-stop shop and access to all of their work needs without having to leave a program. It's about making cloud-based software as simple to use as possible, and we're seeing a lot of this lately from other popular cloud services -- namely two other Salesforce partners: Google (Drive) and Box.

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