Samsung, Apple reportedly in talks to settle patent war

Samsung, Apple reportedly in talks to settle patent war

Summary: Smartphone giants said to be discussing a cross-licensing deal to end their patent dispute in various countries since late last year, ahead of a new trial in the U.S. slated for November.

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Negotiations between Apple and Samsung had reportedly begun since late last year.

Samsung Electronics is reportedly in negotiations with Apple for a cross-licensing deal to end their patent dispute.

The Korea Times reported on Monday, citing industry sources familiar with the matter, Samsung is trying to iron out differences over key issues ahead of a new trial in the U.S. federal circuit slated for November

One of the sources said talks had begun since late last year, and has "come down to the issue of fees for Apple".

The Cupertino-based company reportedly holds the key to whether both companies will reach a compromise or continue to fight as Apple's request to the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) for a stay of remedial orders such as an import ban or cease and desist was rejected.

"Both companies are now finding better conditions to bring the settlement talks on their sides. That’s why they are paying keen attention to two upcoming separate decisions by the USITC," one of the sources, said in the report.

The USITC in June had banned Apple from importing some of its devices including iPad 2 and iPhone 4 because it infringed some of Samsung's patents. The final decision will be announced on August 1, 2013 after a 60-day review, on whether Samsung infringed on Apple's patents.

Apple had taken Samsung to court in 2011, alleging Samsung infringed patents of its iPhones and iPads, and the jury's verdict was that Samsung should pay US$1 billion. Other than the U.S., both companies have also been engaged in patent wars in Germany, France, Japan and Italy.

Just earlier this month, Samsung entered another cross-licensing deal with SK Hynix for the next five years, to have full access to each other's memory chip patents.

Topics: Patents, Apple, Legal, Samsung

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  • Apple Getting Whipped?

    Apple previously made it clear they never licensed their product-related patents, they preferred to use them as a weapon to crush the competition.

    I guess the strategy has turned out to be a bit more costly than they expected. The question is, is it too late for Apple to stop litigating and get back to innovating?

    Somehow I suspect it is...
    • I think the correct phrase here is...

      "Over Steve Jobs' dead body!"
    • Wasn't that more Jobs' thing?

      I remember Steve Jobs framed it as a matter of principle (and that he probably still felt that Microsoft had ripped him off way back when) back when he was describing it. Tim Cook is probably more pragmatic in this regard (ultimately, he may see these lawsuits as a distraction from making and selling goods and services).
      Third of Five
    • Re: as a weapon to crush the competition.

      I don't think this is the reason.. more like Apple does not believe in cross licensing their tech. Might be, they were abused too much in the past?
    • that of course is completely untrue. did you miss

      that MS and apple have an extensive patent cross licensing agreement? The only thing interesting this will do in addition to saving both companies boat loads of cash is allow Sammy to completely finish crushing all the other android OEMs.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Please...

        don't call it "Sammy". It's a dishonest chaebol, that cheats and lies at every opportunity. Calling it "Sammy" detracts from this.
  • most of these 'patents' are laughable anyhow

    Get the swipe to unlock crap and all the other silliness fights done with and over. Then worry just about real technology with chipsets, screens etc.

    I think it's been proven there's enough business out there for everyone.
    • That would be too sensible an outcome. lol

      Totally agree and hopefully it 'll happen and allow us all to buy the best product for our different specific needs no matter what that might be. Too may zealots out there to guarantee any sensible outcome though.
    • Software isn't real technology?

      Hardware is the only real technology? Hardly. Without software that hardware in your hand is completely, absolutely, utterly worthless, doesn't matter how new or innovative it might be.