Samsung boss Lee's health improving 3 months after heart attack

Samsung boss Lee's health improving 3 months after heart attack

Summary: Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s condition is improving steadily in the hospital three months after surgery for a heart attack, reports ZDNet Korea’s Cho Mu-hyun.

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Spokespersons for Samsung say the 72-year-old is making more eye contact with those around him and is moving his hands and feet more frequently.

However, he is still unable to speak or communicate his thoughts in other ways, so his influence as the top man in Samsung is currently severely restricted.

There are rumors that Samsung is planning a restructure to hasten succession to the chairman’s son Jay Lee.

Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee (left), and son Jay Lee

Lee collapsed after a heart attack at his home on May 10, went through emergency surgery, and has been hospitalized at Samsung Medical Center ever since.

His protracted absence has raised concerns for the future of Samsung Group, especially its flagship subsidiary Samsung Electronics, and is fuelling speculation about the severity of his condition.

The electronics giant has reported a 25 percent drop in profit for the second quarter due to heated competition from emerging Chinese handset vendors.

The latest bulletin by Samsung on the elder Lee’s health is likely aimed at quelling market concerns because news of the chairman’s condition has been negatively impacting stock prices.

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Topics: Mobility, Samsung, Korea

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