Samsung confirms curved display smartphone due in October

Samsung confirms curved display smartphone due in October

Summary: Samsung could beat rivals to be the first to launch a curved display smartphone next month.

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In its bid to stay ahead of the pack, the world's largest smartphone maker Samsung looks set launch its first curved display smartphone in October.

The company revealed the plans at the Seoul launch of its Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Reuters and Korean news bureau Yonhap quoted Lee Don-joo, a president of Samsung's mobile business, confirming plans to launch at least one curved screen smartphone in October, but according to Reuters it will only launch in South Korea. 

ZDNet has contacted Samsung for clarification and will update the story if it receives one.

Samsung showed off its flexible Youm display technology at this year's CES in January. The Youm display could form an arch or simply be curved at the edges and wrap around the edges of the device, enabling the screen to be viewed, at least partially, from its side.  

However, flexible displays are not likely to appear on Samsung mobiles in the short term: the smartphone planned for release next month will carry curved, but not flexible, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels for the display, according to Yonhap.

Nokia has also been experimenting with curved display technology, including creating the concept device called Morph, while Samsung's arch-rival in display technology, LG, also plans to mass produce tough new flexible displays by the end of the year.

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Topic: Samsung

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  • My 2011-Vintage Galaxy Nexus Already Has A Curved Display

    Typical unoriginal Samsung, copying ... umm ...
    • Typical unoriginal Samsung, copying ... umm ... THEMSELVES

      Seeing as they built the Galaxy Nexus, you numpty!
  • iPhone was on top...

    for about a moth LOL
  • Why?

    Why is curved better than flat? Besides being "different".
    • Advantages

      Apparently there are a few advantages with a curved screen. It mainly offers a bigger field of view. It also seems to have positive effects on the ergonomics of the phone and how it fits in your pockets.
      It would also be beneficial if you dropped the phone. Curved glass is a lot stronger than a flat glass surface. When you drop your phone and it falls directly on the display the curved structure of the glass can stabilize itself. It would still be just as bad to drop the phone on the back or on it's sides though.