Samsung fires injunction at LG for leaks: report

Samsung fires injunction at LG for leaks: report

Summary: Korean technology giant Samsung is seeking an injunction against LG for damages, weeks after former Samsung workers were charged with leaking pre-release technology to LG.


Samsung has filed an injunction against LG, its main rival in the television and display technology sector, rival over technology leaks, the Yonhap News Agency reports.

Samsung Mobile Display Co., an subsidiary affiliate of Samsung, submitted documents to the Seoul Central District Court against LG Display Co., about 18 "confidential technologies" for OLED screens and 21 other details, the agency reports. 

The court documents seek compensation of 1 billion won ($880,500) where each leak was passed on to a third party or where LG used the technologies, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Earlier this year, 11 current or former workers at Samsung Mobile were arrested and charged with allegedly stealing and leaking information relating to the firm's yet-to-be-released 55-inch AMOLED television to LG.

From ZDNet:

The prosecutors said the employees involved photographed circuit diagrams of to-be-released 55-inch AMOLED television panels when they were allowed into Samsung and LG's manufacturing plants to inspect for equipment defects from November 2011 to January 2012. They then stored these images on portable memory cards and hid them in their shoes, belts and wallets to avoid suspicion, they added.

A Samsung official told the news agency: "LG Display has consistently acquired our OLED technologies and other business secrets by inducing our researchers to transfer." 

Samsung is said to have invested more than 1 trillion won ($879.9 million) in the past ten years in display technology, which allows the firm to claim "nearly 99 percent of the world's OLED market," the official added.

LG said earlier this year that it "do[es] not need Samsung's technology," claiming it "works under a totally different display system."

A spokesperson for Samsung in the U.K. said they were unable to comment at the time of writing. LG did not return calls when approached by ZDNet before publication.

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  • Today's Two Minutes' Hate

    Your Ministry of Truth reminds you that Apple uses the court system to stifle competition by pretending to "own" technologies and ideas. Apple is evil. Apple is bad. You should hate Apple.

    We will now sing, "Freedom and happiness from Samsung."
    Robert Hahn
    • You upset brah?

      Poor Apple, always the victim here on ZDNet. At least they can console themselves with the fact that Robert Hahn is always here to protect their honor and integrity.

      But wait, you once told us that you didn't care about Apple, you just hated Microsoft.

      Huh. Guess now we know the truth.
      • You say that Apple was evil for suing Samsung

        So why is Samsung not evil for suing LG? After all Samsung is simply trying to protect it's IP just like Apple did. Or is this a case of the iHater double standards at work?
        • Exactly!

          Come on Toddy, why is it okay for Samsung to sue to protect it's IP but not Apple?
    • Either you're blind or willfully ignoring

      that is has nothing similar compare to Apple patent trolling than a good o' industrial espionage which former is civil case and the latter is criminal case.

      Of course for someone who is still affected by the latent Reality Distortion Field, this is quite normal to ignore all that.
      • Long live Whatisname

        Of course it's nothing similar. When did that ever stop The Ministry of Truth? Ministry of Truth calls for hating on Apple, some prole pops in to hate on Apple. See how it works? The proles don't care whether this has anything to do with Apple. Ring the bell, they salivate. Big Brother got it all figured out.
        Robert Hahn
      • Of course there is no similarity at all

        It's a company trying to protect it's IP from being used by another company without permission and a licensing agreement... Not at all like Apple trying to protect it's IP from being used by Samsung without permission and without a licensing agreement... nope, not one thing similar at all.

        Tell me something, is there some sort of class in how to blind oneself from one's own blatant hypocrisy in iHater school?