Samsung Galaxy Grand goes large, but without the resolution to match

Samsung Galaxy Grand goes large, but without the resolution to match

Summary: The Galaxy Grand is a mid-range handset with a big screen that will unfortunately offer poor pixel density.


Samsung has taken the wraps off the Galaxy Grand, a smartphone with a giant five-inch screen but a low resolution usually found on smaller handsets.

The Android 'Jelly Bean' 4.1.2-toting Galaxy Grand was revealed on Tuesday in a blog post, in which Samsung confirmed a device previously known from FCC filings as the 'Baffin'.

Samsung Galaxy Grand (Image credit: Samsung)

The Galaxy Grand has WVGA resolution, providing 480 x 800 pixels. This is a common resolution for devices with four-inch screens, but phones with larger screens, such as Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3, tend to offer resolutions more in the region of 720 x 1280 pixels. This means the Galaxy Grand will have a very low pixel density.

Inside, the Galaxy Grand is resolutely mid-range. It has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor but is able to run many of the Samsung-only features found in more high-end devices such as the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. These include Samsung Hubs, pop-up video, direct call and S Voice.

The first version of the Galaxy Grand to hit the shelves will be a dual-SIM iteration, most likely aimed at travellers. A single-SIM version will follow.

The handset will have an 8-megapixel camera, DLNA, a 2,100mAh battery and HSPA+21Mbps mobile broadband connectivity. It will have just 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, although the inclusion of a microSD slot makes storage less of an issue.

Pricing and release dates have not been revealed.

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  • Size does matter...

    Is it me, or is the ONLY reason this phone exists to satisfy the "mine's bigger than yours" crowd?
    • re: size does matter...

      Guessing it's the jitterbug smartphone aimed at the senior crowd / people with bad eyesight.
    • It's about having a lower price entry point for phablets

      The 480x800 will be fine for this device as long as it's priced correctly. I'm still using my Dell Streak 5 which is a 5" screen at the same resolution. It's the original phablet, and I've had it for 2 years now. The fact that this device will have a much better processor and OS, will mean the device should be very zippy. If you can get it off contract for $249, that would be a good deal.

      Since Dell gave up on the Streak 5, I plan to move over to the Galaxy Note 2 in a few weeks, but the Streak 5 will remain as my backup device. I'm not getting rid of it. It was truly ahead of it's time.
  • Didn't we?

    Didn't we just see an article describing how Samsung scrapped plans to make a large Windows phone because it didn't support a resolution that they deemed high enough? So they won't make that, but they'll make this? Stupid.
    • my bad

      That was HTC.
      • HTC has standards

        Samsung just throws out junk if they have to.
        Michael Alan Goff
  • Like An SUV Of Phones

    Big on the outside to impress, but with lousy handling and nothing much under the hood.

    Android is all about choice. And that applies for better and for worse. Just be thankful there's no equivalent of obnoxious tailgating with phones. :)
  • Samsungs strategy is making affordable phones

    Lets face it - most people can't afford or justify a top of the line priced and spec'd smartfone like a Galaxy S3. This is likely to be a lot cheaper than the Galaxy S3, but still have a lot of it's appealing features. And I'd have to agree with the above poster - if it means larger text on screen by default it will appeal to the large number of people with not the best eyesight close up.
    Seems pretty smart to me!