Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3-inch phablet, hands-on

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3-inch phablet, hands-on

Summary: The march of the phablets continues - so does the Galaxy Mega 6.3 and its mammoth screen deliver?


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  • To put the Mega's 6.3-inch display in context it is pictured above with a BlackBerry Z10 sat atop of the screen.  The BlackBerry's screen is 4.2 inches, while the total length of the Z10's chassis is just over 5.1 inches. The Mega really is a monster.

    Oddly, and presumably as it would make it just too similar to the Note family, there is no stylus on the Mega 6.3.

  • Despite being huge, the Mega manages to keep a slimline frame that is just 8mm thick. The BlackBerry Z10 sat on top of the Mega 6.3 is 9mm thick, for comparison.

    Around the outside of the chassis is a metal band, adding a touch of refinement to an otherwise plasticky feeling device, mitigated somewhat by having a textured rear.


  • While it shares many of the software features of the soon-to-be-released Galaxy S4, the Mega 6.3 drops the camera resolution from 13-megapixels to 8-megapixels.

    That said, many of the camera specific features coming to the S4 are also present here, including: Drama Shot, Sound and Shot, Rich Tone and Sports. Unfortunately the Dual Shot mode that lets you use the front and rear cameras simultaneously didn't seem to be present.

    On the front of the device there's a 1.9-megapixel camera for video calling or stills.

    Ultimately, if multitasking is your thing, or you do a lot of creation (rather than consumption) on your smartphone/tablet then the Mega could well appeal to you. However, if you're just looking for a large smartphone that's good to watch the occassional movie on, then there are better devices out there.


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  • love my Galaxy Note but

    I think this is just a little too large to carry around day to day as a phone. Now being said I'd love to have one for use on long trips where I'm not having to haul it around all day long.

    So the 5.3"/5.5" in my opinion the 'sweet spot' between too big and too small.
    • Waiting for the Note 3...

      5.5 inches is a good size, but my contract is up in 3 months so I'll just wait a little while until the Note 3 comes out in September. Too bad the Note 2 doesn't have 32 GB built in on the American carriers...
    • Galaxy Note not big enough

      As a Galaxy Note user, I've also carried a nexus 7 in the same pocket, yes that's right, Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Note1 in the same pocket. while the Nexus 7 is a tight fit, something around 6.3" would be comfortable in the pocket and offer beneficial screen size.
      Add s-pen and Full HD screen, call it Note 3 and I'm there.
  • Does it fit in your shirtpocket?

    If no, that will be a dealbreaker for many.
    • Re: Does it fit in your shirtpocket?

      You put your phone in your SHIRTPOCKET!?
      • Yep.

        I keep my Galaxy Note 1 in my dress shirt's pocket...complete with a 5000mAh battery and rubber case. At 86mm wide, it's a snug fit, so I don't worry that it will fall out.
    • depends on the shirt

      My SIII doesn't fit nicely in my shirt pockets, which is to say it fits; but not enough to button the flap and lock the phone in place. This had led to a couple of heart attack type events including dropping the phone out of my pocket investigating a leaky roof at my uncles house.

      I do have to say that I am very happy with my Ballistics case, phone survived a 2 story drop onto concrete without even dislodging the SDHC card.
    • But...

      Do you also were a pocket protector with your phone in your pocket? Dude, geeks are cool now, get the damn phone out of your shirt pocket already.
      Rann Xeroxx
  • Is it just me....

    or are some of the specs less than other devices?
    This is just too big! Not worth it!
    Duct tape
    • cont'd

      duct tape it to your head on a windy day!
  • Only big handsets makes sense !!!

    Considering that a smartphone actually is the smallest portable computer a person has at her disposal and considering further that smartphones are actually used like laptops it makes sense to give them the largest possible screen.
    Let's face it, Goggle Maps on a 4" screen isn't quite a pleasure to work with. For everyone beyond her 30s even reading emails on a 4" screen isn't comfy. That being said, to fully leverage a smartphone a large screen is more a necessity than a luxury.
  • Didn't we get rid of bricks?

    I thought brick-sized cell phones went out in the 80's. This looks like a cell phone for a clown to use in his act. Here buddy, slap this big screen TV up against the side of your head and talk to it. Nobody will laugh... trust me.
    • its big but for some of us who rarely talk on the phone (in public anyway), its not a problem looking silly. Have you see the asus phonepad? Its the size of a nexus 7 and is a phone. In the ad people are shown using it against the ear and it does look silly.
      Not that I am thinking of getting one of these. I wish google would put out a "nexus 5" phone, that was 5.5 inches, for like
      • ...continued

        $349 then I'd stop using tablets altogether.
    • people say its too BIG

      and then carry around an iPad because their iPhone screen is too small.
    • Re: Didn't we get rid of bricks?

      Yes we did.

      Unless you know of some very thin bricks...
  • Phablets make sense with bluetooth headsets

    As a portable computing device there is a point where the phablet makes sense. It's small enough for a woman to carry in a purse, or a guy in a jacket pocket.... does it make sense as a hand held phone? I don't think so, but with the ubiquitous bluetooth headsets, it can remain in a pocket or purse unless you are texting or browsing. Probably a good phone for skypeing. It could serve as a hands free vehicle phone mounted on the dash with GPS display function. There are all kinds of ways it makes sense.
    • phablet user for 2 years

      I've been a phablet user for over 2 years. Dell Streak 5, Blue Studio 5.3, Galaxy Note 1 & 2.
      I've never used them with a Bluetooth headset, I just hold it up to my ear and talk or use wired headset. I don't care what others think, I'm talking on it. From my experience, people don't care and those that do are actually asking stuff like, wow,you can make calls on that tablet? what is it?
  • Nice and NOT too big

    I wish I could afford one, as I am now retired I am watching the pennies, but I use a Galaxy Tab (MK1) it does everything I need its my Phone, Sat Nav Goes on line while out and checks my favourite sites picks up email from one of my addresses and IMHO does fine the extra speed of the newer chip and leaving Gingerbread behind would be nice but as I am getting older and slower its not a problem, the thing is I have hands like the proverbial shovels so a 7" Tab does not look uncomfortable in my hand, and I have brought a leather pouch that the British Police use for their notebooks it fits fine and goes on my belt. Anyway getting back to this Mega IMHO Very nice would mind one, but don't have the cash

    The BarnOwl
  • Opps sorry

    I thought a picture of it in my "MITT" would prove a point Oh hum
    The BarnOwl