Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 on sale April 11 for $400

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 on sale April 11 for $400

Summary: The newest member of the Samsung Android tablet line with a pen goes on sale this week.

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Galaxy Note 8.0
(Image: Samsung)

Samsung has created an entire line of Android phones and tablets that use the "S Pen" to allow manual input on the screen. The most recent tablet offered was the Galaxy Note 10.1. The company has announced that the anticipated smaller slate, the Note 8.0, will sell beginning April 11 at major retailers. The price will be $399, making it competitive with the iPad mini it is obviously taking on directly.

The Note 8.0 has impressive hardware, including the 8-inch touch display running at a resolution of 1280x800. The S Pen is fully supported with a collection of apps from Samsung designed to take advantage of drawing and handwriting on the screen.

Samsung has placed a quad-core processor (1.6GHz) in the Note 8.0, and a 4,600mAH battery to keep things running for "up to 9 days". We'll have to see that in practice to believe it.

Samung has stated that the Note 8.0 is preloaded with "content and services valued at over $200, including 50GB of free Dropbox storage for 2 years, 1 month free of unlimited music streaming in Samsung's Music Hub". There's also microSD slot to store all that content, something the iPad mini lacks.

The tablet is not showing up on Amazon yet, so anxious buyers may have to wait until the 11th, as stated. Until then, the official Note 8.0 website has all the information you need. The Note 8.0 is only available in white, and has a MSRP of $399. It will be available at Amazon, Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile, hh gregg, Newegg, PC Richard & Son, Staples, and

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Topics: Samsung, Android, Tablets

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  • Very tempting device

    I'm interested in the 7-8" form factor and my one complaint about my Surface RT is the lack of a digitizer pen. While inking is FAR superior on my Surface RT than it was on my ipad (ugh, what a disaster of a device that ipad is) it still isn't up to what I was hoping it would be. The Surface Pro would make a fine solution but at less than half the price and with the weight / size / battery life advantages of the Note 8, I think this is the device for me.

    Kudos Samsung for bringing innovative devices to market. Kudos Google for providing a great OS. Same 2 kudos go to Microsoft.
    • curious

      Just what did Microsoft contribute to the Note 8.0 to deserve your kudos? :)
  • A bit too expensive

    iPad is still cheaper, it's hard to compete with iPad without a better price....
    • This is far better than ipad mini

      The digitizer alone crushes the ipad.

      While this won't be an ipad killer, it does make anyone who buys an ipad mini an idiot.
      • Yes maybe

        It can be 100 times better, from a market perspective is irrelevant... and you know it.
        Kids are selling kidneys to buy iPads - this tablet is not going to make them less or more idiots.
  • HDMI Out?

    I don't see it listed here or Samsung's website so I presume it doesn't have it. At that price point I think it should have it.

    Sadly I agree with AleMartin, it's not enough that this device is "better". It has to be better AND cheaper. Otherwise people will just buy an iPad.
    • MHL to HDMI

      All Samsung Android phones and tablets now support MHL to HDMI via the microusb port.
      I've been using this feature to connect Note1 to large screens for over a year.
    • If people want its particular facilities, of course they will buy it

      Samsung does not expect it to be a better seller than a plain tablet, just like they don't expect Note phones to be better sellers than S3/S4s.

      But they can be second best sellers, and while too many bloggers seem to have trouble understanding that something can be successful and NOT be number 1, Samsung has no problem with that.

      Samsung is the one making oodles by catering for multiple target audiences, while bloggers and many commenters seem to think they can perenially consider their readers tyre-kicking idiots.
  • Somehow I expected this to sell for less.

    At $399 it fall into the same price range as 10 inch tablets which will give consumers reason to consider both.

    It will be interesting to see how it sells compared to the iPad mini which is cheaper. Historically that has not gone well for tablets.
    • I noticed that too

      It's the same price bracket as 10" tablets :-|
    • You can't ignore the digitizer

      "At $399 it fall into the same price range as 10 inch tablets which will give consumers reason to consider both."

      If you want a digitizer, this is not in the same price range as 10" tablets with a digitizer.

      If you don't want a digitizer but you want a small tablet, buy the 7" Galaxy Tab which is far less than $399.

      "It will be interesting to see how it sells compared to the iPad mini which is cheaper"

      This is not a direct competitor to the ipad mini. The 7" Galaxy Tab is a direct competitor and is significantly less expensive. The ipad mini will sell better than the Note 8 but that is because the digitizer is not something that a majority of people are going to be willing to pay for. Most don't even know the difference between an active digitizer and the crappy capacitive pen support that tablets like the ipad have.
      • I see your point

        but at the same time the Note 10.1 has the same digitizer and can be purchased for $399-$449 depending on where you shop.

        I'm not saying the Note8 is a bad device. Just that the pricing seems very strange for the poisition it occupies.
  • It's not competitive with the iPad Mini here in the UK

    The oddballs that are Samsung are releasing it for £340 ($521) over here, compared with the iPad Minii £270 ($413). Heck the fourth generation iPad is £399 ($611)

    I was dead keen to get a Galaxy Note 8 but as these absurd prices (it competes directly with the iPad Mini but also the Nexus 7!) I'm waiting for the cheaper Galaxy Tab 3 8" due June/July.
  • Niche Device Like ALL Tablets are.

    This is a niche device just like all tablets are. It depends on what you want. Are you looking for Media Consumption? Kindle Fire 8.9 Are you deep in the Apple Universe? Ipad Mini. Deep in the Android Galaxy Nexus 7 However, if you want a device to finally rid you of the notepad and pen, and want a device you can do work in, This is the device for you. I have a 10 in iPad which will be my gaming device. However, Note 8 is going to be the device I carry with me all the time. I can jot down notes for school and work , read and PURCHASE my e-books from it, access my dropbox storage (50gbs for 2 years? sign me up). It won't kill the iPad mini just like the iPad mini didn't kill the Nexus or the Kindle Fire. However, it will give a lot of people who carry their lives around in their tablet a lot to think about.
    • I agree. Horses for courses

      Unfortunately, too many seem to think that every horse in the race should be the same and they are wasting their time if they arn't trying to be first.

      To continue the horse racing analogy, even second and third pay dividends!