Samsung Galaxy Note II accessories: Colored Flip Covers and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

Samsung Galaxy Note II accessories: Colored Flip Covers and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

Summary: Samsung sells several accessories for their smartphones and tablets and with the 50% registration coupon code, I recently picked up three pieces. The two colored Flip Covers and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub are nice accessories, especially at half the price.


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  • microUSB and HDMI cables are provided

    You can view photos, slideshows, movies, play games, enjoy music, and share your display with the AllShare Case Wireless Hub. The HTC Media Link defaults everything to landscape, which makes sense on a TV or HDMI monitor. The AllShare Cast works much like Nokia devices with HDMI out and shows just what is on the display in both portrait and landscape orientation. I enjoyed Transformers 3 (T-Mobile gave it to Note II owners for free) and Christmas Vacation on my 37 inch HD LCD rather than watching it just on my 5.5 inch Note II. When video is playing then it goes to full screen and plays in very high quality. Both of these movies looked great and played flawlessly.

  • AllShare Cast is connected, setup directions

    The Note II has an AllShare Cast shortcut in the top notification shade area and also an area of settings that gives you even more options. All I had to do to get setup and enjoy content was plug in the HDMI cable, plug in the power cable (the AllShare Cast needs power via microUSB), wait until the light flashes red and then tap the reset button on the back adjacent to the microUSB port to turn the light blue, and then enable AllShare Cast on the Note II.

  • Connecting to the AllShare Cast

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  • Flip cover

    I just really don't like those flip covers from Samsung... They are expensive, they are doing a terrible job at protecting the device and I once had a customer who only had it in her bag all day long and the cover started to disintegrate after about 5 days :T
    • Flip Cover Just nice but!

      I agree with mathiasappel, Flip cover can't protect the device and all about is expensive, it's S$ 59.
      Soe Thiha
  • Flimsy

    I checked these out and they just felt flimsy and the cover more in the way than anything else. I went with a standard screen protector and a hybrid soft/hard plastic cover with a kickstand and textured back that is both more functional and more stylish. The glossy back for the reviewed case was a definite downside as I prefer my phone to grip a surface rather than slide around easily in the situation of a non-level surface or table on public transportation. Even at half-price it isn't a "buy". This isn't a device that you purchase because you are trying to save money and in my opinion, this case simply makes that expensive purchase look cheap.