Samsung Galaxy Note II accessories: Colored Flip Covers and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

Samsung Galaxy Note II accessories: Colored Flip Covers and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

Summary: Samsung sells several accessories for their smartphones and tablets and with the 50% registration coupon code, I recently picked up three pieces. The two colored Flip Covers and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub are nice accessories, especially at half the price.


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  • Samsung Flip Covers and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub

    After I purchased my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II I visited the Samsung site and registered my new device with my Samsung account. Samsung then sent me a coupon code, via email, with an offer for 50% off accessories from the Samsung store. It turns out they let you take 50% off of your entire order and since I couldn't decide on just one color for a case I ended up buying two of them along with the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub.

    Samsung Protective Flip Cover

    There are a lot of 3rd party accessories for Samsung devices, but I find the design of the Galaxy S III and Note II Flip Cover from Samsung to be one of the best. I like that it replaced the back cover of the phone and provides a simply flip cover solution. There are seven color options for the Note II and I had a tough time deciding what to buy. With my 50% discount I went ahead and ordered the orange and mint ones after taking a poll with my family.

  • Front of the orange and mint Flip Covers

    I am a big fan of orange and like the one they sent, but it's a bit different than I like on my devices. I actually prefer the mint one, it reminds me of 50s appliances, and it definitely makes my device stand out a bit. The back is glossy and snaps right into place after you remove your included back cover. There is a small indentation in the front flap for the center button. The front cover also has a slightly textured feel to it with Samsung and Note II labeling and an opening for the headset speaker. I like that I now have screen protection with the Note II in my pocket and it folds all the way back for phone calls too. It is a bit tough to take photos since the front flap hangs down as you open the case to view the display. The case is expensive at $39.99, but with the 50% off coupon it is a good deal.

  • Back of the Flip Covers

    The back of the Flip Cover has a glossy finish.

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  • Flip cover

    I just really don't like those flip covers from Samsung... They are expensive, they are doing a terrible job at protecting the device and I once had a customer who only had it in her bag all day long and the cover started to disintegrate after about 5 days :T
    • Flip Cover Just nice but!

      I agree with mathiasappel, Flip cover can't protect the device and all about is expensive, it's S$ 59.
      Soe Thiha
  • Flimsy

    I checked these out and they just felt flimsy and the cover more in the way than anything else. I went with a standard screen protector and a hybrid soft/hard plastic cover with a kickstand and textured back that is both more functional and more stylish. The glossy back for the reviewed case was a definite downside as I prefer my phone to grip a surface rather than slide around easily in the situation of a non-level surface or table on public transportation. Even at half-price it isn't a "buy". This isn't a device that you purchase because you are trying to save money and in my opinion, this case simply makes that expensive purchase look cheap.