Samsung Galaxy S III to get Jelly Bean upgrade in October

Samsung Galaxy S III to get Jelly Bean upgrade in October

Summary: The manufacturer appears to be promising speedier updates for the S3 than it previously delivered on earlier Galaxy S devices.


Samsung will deploy an Android 'Jelly Bean' 4.1 update to its flagship Galaxy S III handset next month, the manufacturer has said.

Samsung Galaxy SIII
The Samsung Galaxy SIII will get Android Jelly Bean in October. Image: Samsung

Apparently hoping to improve on the snail-like pace at which it updated the Galaxy S II, the Jelly Bean upgrade will come just around four or five months after the device went on sale. A week or so ago, Samsung said it had sold 20 million of the handsets in the first 100 days of availability.

The news that the Galaxy S III would get Jelly Bean in October came via our sister site CNET UK, which received a categorical statement from Samsung.

As that piece also noted, the 4G version of the S III that EE will launch later this year will come with Jelly Bean from the start.

Android 4.1 is pretty similar to Android 4.0, with one notable difference: the addition of the Google Now personal assistant feature. Google Now is in some ways a rival to Apple's Siri, and also extends Google's semantic search efforts onto mobile devices.

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  • The F Word

    And that is supposed to be good news??
    I mean what the hell!
    All this time and there's no Jelly Bean? Well, it's not like Jelly Bean is the holy grails of mobile OSes but c'mon!

    I'm afraid I'm gonna have to say the F word... Fragmentation!
    Majid M. Alamodi
    • Calling Troll Here

      Such an obvious troll. Android has gone from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean in the time iOS has gone from 5 to 6. And, having used Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7, I can assure you it's a fantastic OS.
    • The Samsung Galaxy S III can be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean

      The Samsung Galaxy S III can be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean
  • My Galaxy Nexus Got Updated A Couple Of Days Ago

    It now has Chrome, but interestingly the old Android Browser is still available as well. Doing multiple tabs on a phone-sized screen is kind of ... interesting ...
  • So be it

    I just want to know who leaked the info about the August update. I'm not that bothered about the update, it's not going to radically change my phone 'experience' but whoever is making up the previous update info should be held to account!
    And shot.
    Little Old Man
  • for those people criticising

    Jelly Bean is not simply like a windows update in that every PC runs the same basic windows. Samsung, and some other manufacturers, have to undertake quite a bit of work in order to produce a version of the update which is matched to their own version of Android. Anyone wanting a vanilla version of Android can fairly easily root their device and then could get the vanilla upgrade.

    I imagine people would be even more upset if they rolled out an update which then bricked the phone because it proved to be incompatible.

    The bigger issue however is whether carriers will roll it out in October becasue they have to add all their own crapware to it first and are often worried they might have to provide support for it as well. Doesn't bother me because I bought my phone, always do because my tiny amount of phone usage doesn't justify the high monthly cost a and long lock in.

    Now that I have switched to the community run giff gaff service I have as much call time as I will ever need plus unlimited data all for a payment of £10 a month
    • ok you may be right

      But here's another thing to consider... you've known that phones like the s 3 or manufacturer Ui overlays won't get updated. So why continue to buy phones that are going to be behind the curb... my philosophy, Google phone or iPhone hell even a windows phone... don't blame android is for fragmentation blame companies like HTC or Samsung wanting to be like apple.
      • Wrong info

        Samsung s3 don't get the update what kind of inaccurate info is this all morsels Europe and us. Will get up upgrade.
        Chris Maronen