Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile payments go live at Olympics 2012: Photos

Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile payments go live at Olympics 2012: Photos

Summary: Visa and Samsung test out near-field communications for mobile payments with athletes at the London Olympics


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  • Making a payment on the S3

    This is the screen the user sees on opening the Visa payWave app. It shows the balance on the account and the previous transaction. To make payments of more than £20, you touch the large yellow bar marked 'Authorise a payment' and enter a passcode. This can be done while waiting to be served so that it's ready for the payment terminal.

    But the user doesn't have to open the app to make a lower-value payment. It opens automatically when the phone is held over the point-of-sale reader.

  • Checking the transaction history on the S3

    The Visa payWave application also allows customers to check their transaction history on the Samsung S3 and view their account balance.

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  • WOW how effecient is this??

    I want a Coke. It is 2 buck (or whatever they call it in England). I reach into my wallet and give the nice lady a 5. Her terminal says to give me back 3 buck. She hands be the drink and change. DONE. Total time... 2 minutes if we chit chat a little and she is as confused as she looks but it is done in 2 minutes.
    Now it seems that just waving my phone over the terminal thingy, it would be simplier. Wrong, Just think, she has to ring up the purchase, (same time as before), You dig in your phone out of your pants, purse or what ever, you have to enter the unlock pin... you hunt for the payment icon.... waiting.... found it.... press it.... it needs a user validation .... wait... ok to wave the phone ... wave it but not close enough.... to close this time... wait... got it.. Now the confused cashier has to acknowledge the payment on her terminal has timed out on the transaction.. call manager.. ok I might be exagerating but... all this in under 2 minutes. I doubt it.
    • I agree - we do not need those credit/debit cards...

      We all should be using cash - it is faster to get it out of the pocket and it is easier to authorize a payment. :-):-):-)
      Solid Water