Samsung Galaxy S3 will get Note II features, leaked firmware hints

Samsung Galaxy S3 will get Note II features, leaked firmware hints

Summary: The hit device looks set to borrow key features from its larger cousin, such as 'multi-view', as well as the Swype-like continuous typing feature found in the latest version of Android.


Samsung's hit Galaxy S3 smartphone will soon get the multi-view feature of its larger cousin, the Note II, according to reports of a leaked firmware update.

Having already been upgraded to Android 'Jelly Bean' 4.1, it appears the S3 is about to get a bump up to version 4.1.2. This update brings minor improvements such as 'smart' homescreen rotation, but firmware leaked to SamMobile on Thursday indicates Samsung's packaging of the update also includes several features found in the Note II.

A major one of these features is 'multi-view', which allows multi-window multitasking. Others include gallery timeline views and the 'paper' artist app.

It also looks like the update will give S3 owners the Swype-like continuous typing feature that Google has put into Android 4.2 (also called Jelly Bean) as 'Gesture Typing'. Samsung said earlier this week that it is likely to bring Android 4.2 in its entirety to the S3.

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