Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch on 14 March

Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch on 14 March

Summary: Samsung will launch its Galaxy S4 smartphone next month in New York as it eyes the enterprise market via BYOD.

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch invite
Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S4 on 14 March. Image: Samsung

Samsung is to launch the Galaxy S4, the next version of its flagship smartphone, on March 14 in New York.

Samsung tweeted a link to a press invite for the event with the strapline "Ready 4 the show. Come and meet the new Galaxy".

The new handset is rumoured to be packing powerful hardware enhancements, including an eight-core Exynos processor and a separate eight-core graphics processing unit, according to ZDNet's sister site CNET.

Other rumoured features of the Galaxy S4 include a 4.99-inch SuperAMOLED display, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capability. 

As well as the new flagship handset, Samsung also has its eyes on the enterprise market: on Monday at Mobile World Congress it unveiled a new security system it has developed in response to the BYOD trend, called Knox.

The launch event on 14 March will be the first time since 2010 that Samsung has launched its Galaxy smartphone in the US and comes as Apple overtook it as the top smartphone vendor worldwide

Samsung has reported that Galaxy S3 reached 20 million sales within three months of launch, but sales have slowed in recent months. Worldwide, Galaxy S3 shipments declined from 18 million in Q3 2012 to 15.4 million by Q4 2012, overshadowed by iPhone 5 shipments of 27.4 million and iPhone 4S shipments of 17.4 million in the quarter, according to figures by Strategy Analytics.

Samsung's mobile division chief JK Shin told Korean news site EDaily the New York venue was selected after being swamped by demands from US carriers to unveil the device there, according to a Reuters report.

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  • Only one question

    What size Battery will be in it?
    • Wagon sized..

      You pull it behind you. LOL. Just kidding, but you gotta wonder.
  • No Amoled or Octa

    The latest I've heard is that it will have a SoLux lcd 3 display instead of Amoled as Samsung's amoled factory is having problems, and that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon cpu as there is an overheating problem with the Exynos Octa chip.
  • Why Microsoft And Intel Will Never Keep Up

    At one stroke, this demonstrates why Android and ARM remain ahead of Microsoft and Intel.

    Where is an equivalent eight-core Intel chip? Doesn't exist.

    And will there be a Windows equivalent running the same CPU? No, because these are heterogenous cores (four high-power and four low-power), which confuses Windows.
    • Octa-core is pretty good

      But I'd like to see the practical application of it power-wise.

      Remember, it's only quad core of A15 and quad core of A7. Only 4 cores are going to be running at the same time. This is excellent for power consumption, likely giving ARM a little breathing room, but I don't think it will add processing ability.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • It's got to add 'some' processing ability?

        Why would something, such as this processor, have made it this far in production, if there were 'NO ADDITIONAL PROCESSING ABILITY'? True the the increase will not follow the same function as from 1 to 2 to 4 cores have yielded. Probably more along the lines of a logarithmic version of the former function . But there will be some benefit, in some ways where this type of architecture is the ONLY way to make progress.
        • Read carefully

          This octal-core will have no more processing power than a quad core A15.

          Where do I get my information? SAMSUNG.

          You see, it is 4 A7 (low powered) and 4 A15. This is a giant leap from the Tegra 4+1 (where the 1 doesn't add processing power either, but battery life), but it isn't meant to make your games run smoother. As they showed off, the A7 and A15 don't both run at the same time. The lesser powered ones get power when you're doing something that doesn't require the A15.

          Get it?
          Michael Alan Goff
  • Why New York?

    I don't understand why they would have a launch in New York? Just because there's a lot of people there? All the ideas that are advancing the digital age are coming from the Pacific Rim (Korea (Samsung), Silicon Valley (Apple, Google), Pacific Northwest (Microsoft), etc), San Diego (Qualcomm). No significant ideas have come out of New York for over 50 years.

    Have the launch in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego or Seattle where all the new ideas are embraced and created.
    • It's a different faction.

      The east coast and the west coast are different appendages of the same 'beast'. Samsung has just examined the game, and went back to the root. Follow the white rabbit.
  • when it is launch in india?

    when it is launch india.. or 14 march launch worldwide
  • Sales of S III tailing off

    In response to:

    "Samsung has reported that Galaxy S3 reached 20 million sales within three months of launch, but sales have slowed in recent months."

    Surprise, surprise! Isn't it blatantly obvious that any new technology device will sell like hot cakes soon after its launch and then, once everyone who wanted one urgently has bought one, they're not going to buy another, so sales are BOUND to slow. These remarks about sales falling off in relation to new technology gadgets are continually being reported in the press as "news". It would be interesting to take, say, 100 devices released over the past 10 years and compare the tailing off rates. I guess they'll all be similar.
    • Yep

      It's called a "product lifecycle" and it's a pretty basic marketing concept... once a product goes past maturity & sales begin to decline, it's time to start ramping up with the next product rollout.
      Troy Knox
  • KIES must be rewritten.

    In order to keep their current above average ‘PR’ rating, Samsung must rewrite KIES to be a functional program. I’ve been through 4 different O.S. each time hoping that this one might handle KIES in a different way that actually works. But it never has. Now I have a GS2 that I cannot upgrade to Jellybean, because KIES will not let me complete the operation before going into a non responsive state. At least my Google tablet has timely and reliable updates. And I was really looking forward to a new note. And, I guess, I will have to quit endorsing Samsung as the ‘ONE’.
    • I agree, Kies is a shame !

      I do not understand why the press-tech reviews are mute about this total unresponsive crap. Two days ago, Kies nearly bricked my Galaxy Note by freezing in the middle of an upgrade.