Hands-on with Samsung's Galaxy S5 (pictures)

Hands-on with Samsung's Galaxy S5 (pictures)

Summary: Samsung's latest smartphone may retain vastly the same design as its predecessor, but it packs in a great deal of new features and enhanced technologies. Here's what it looks like.

TOPICS: Samsung, Smartphones

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  • Samsung's Galaxy S5 comes with a 5.1-inch 1080p high-resolution display, with a 16-megapixel camera on the rear. It also features a fingerprint scanner and a heart-rate sensor next to the LED flash.

    Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive

  • Here you can see its counterpart, the Galaxy Gear 2, which works hand-in-hand with the next-generation Samsung smartphone.

    Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive

  • It's relatively light, considering it's heavier than its predecessor. At just 145g, it's a bulky device but it packs a great deal of punch in terms of its specifications list.

    Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive

Topics: Samsung, Smartphones

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  • Thank goodness

    Thanks goodness the rumors of the ridiculous 4K display proved false.
    • Not sure about 4K...

      But I did give some weight to it being a quadHD (2560x1440 or so... = 720p x 4) display. For one, LG has already shown one off -- for phones. And also, all of Samsung's other new devices use 2560x1600 LCDs.

      But this probably isn't for OLEDs just now, if ever. They have enough trouble with these things lasting a long time (like more than two years) without substantial loss of quality at 720p or 1080p, much less 1440p or 1600p. And Samsung does have the tradition of OLED in the Galaxy S... so it was easy to not believe any of the rumors, too.
  • wow slideshow all in one page

    • I almost skipped the article til I saw your comment

      it does load much faster now and is far more usable.
  • new phone

    if you like samsung / bloatroid yay,
    if you don't meh!

    so now we got the heart rate monitor (why exactly do we need one in a phone?) is the S6 going to include a defib? and a ambulance siren ring tone?
    • Why the HR Monitor...Simple

      Why do you need a phone that takes pictures, has a calendar, accesses the web, etc? Simple, it provides all the gadgets you need in one place. Of course you could go back to carrying a separate gadget for each, but that's why we have innovations. Snap! I have just the phone for you...Samsung Entro. No blot, just phone and text. Or is that too much?
  • shannon sharp

    this is a sharp looking phone. Too bad I’m not due for an upgrade for awhile still. Damn contracts!
  • Extend storage

    Love it. Galaxy phones always support OTG to add storage with Meenova MicroSD reader: http://goo.gl/2iJ6gf
  • wifi hotspot?

    Can it act as a WiFi hotspot like S2?
    • Of course it can

      That's more an Android feature than Galaxy S feature! Both my S3 and HTC Sensation XL, as well as the Samsung Ace 2s we give out at work can do this!
  • Slide 6 is just plain wrong

    "Although the resolution is higher and there are more pixels-per-inch, it's hard to discern from the previous model."

    That's probably because that is completely not true. The Galaxy S4 has a 5" screen at 1920x1080 and 441ppi. The Galaxy S5 has a 5.1" screen at 1920x1080 and 430ppi. The resolution is identical, the pixel density just slightly less (that always seems to happen when you make the same resolution screen slightly larger), and no, you're not going to see the different with the eye.
    • Exactly...

      I was about to post the same comment if someone else hadn't already. Sometimes I wonder about these writers who make such obvious mistakes. He probably had never heard of the GSV until his boss told him to write a review about it. He obviously hasn't looked at the technical specs since the only ones he mentioned are the headliners everyone already knows about and can see in the search results just from googling "Galaxy SV".
  • Processor

    So what kind of 64 bit processor did they go with?
  • Phone Free Memory

    What they don't say, you have less than 8GB free memory left on the 16GB phone.
    • Bloat?

      Yeah, that's why I use an iPhone. I'll just insert that little SD card into the slot... um... wait. Oh. Damn.
    • Buy external

      Just get an external sd card! 32gb Samsung class 10/uhs 1 is under £15 now! And with the last update (at least on the s3) it supports moving apps to sd card!
    • Hopefully the 32GB will be their minimum size...

      ...because only the lowest memory model can be sold here with full Samsung warranty. Me and my sister are having problems with the allocation of memory of the note 2. You can't put everything on the SD card. 16GB must die.

      I applauded their move of not releasing a 16GB model of the Note 3. I hope that they do the same for SGS5.
    • Yes, but...

      This is true...but that is the price you pay to have a MicroSD slot which basically makes this a non-issue anyway.
  • Gimmicks, more gimmicks

    Heartbeat sensor?

    Why can't they put in real useful features, like taking dual SIMs?
  • Required services

    Dual SIMs or unlocked device would be nice without paying an arm & leg. I have an older Samsung Nexus S which I paid about $125 a few yrs ago (as a back up & out of country travel).