Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Can it bring some colour back to the tablet market?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Can it bring some colour back to the tablet market?

Summary: Samsung's thinnest slate takes aims at the iPad Air and aims to add some excitement back into the tablet world.


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  • Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship tablet the Galaxy Tab S, which it claims is its thinnest and lightest yet: an Android 4.4 KitKat device which comes in 10.5-inch and a 8.4-inch versions and aims to go head-to-head with Apple's iPad Air and iPad mini.

    Whereas Samsung's Galaxy NotePro and Galaxy TabPro products are positioned as business focused productivity device, the Galaxy Tab S - seen above - is aimed more at content consumers, with the screen a major selling point.

    All images: Steve Ranger/ZDNet

  • As much as 50 percent of tablet usage is watching video and other content, said Samsung. As such the tablet's 16:10 screen offers 90 percent RGA colour coverage which the company said means it is able to display more colours than before, while the 100,000:1 contrast ratio provides deeper and more realistic images.

    Samsung said because a Super AMOLED screen doesn't need to be backlit the devices consume less power than a LCD screen device.  The tablet also features a fingerprint reader which may be a handy addition for enterprise users and Side Sync call forwarding which allows the device to make and receive calls from their linked smartphone.

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  • Meh.

    What good is having that high of a display rate when you have boring, flat and uninspired UIs. 256 colours will do.

    p.s. Boring!!
    Arm A. Geddon
    • Because consumers want to see movies

      and take pictures, look at them, see websites with many colors, look at crispy clean fonts that are easy to read, ... A good display is paramount even if the UI was 16 colors.
      • 256 colours was sarcasm...

        the rest is true. Btw, is there a race on to see what UI these days becomes more plain and yes...BORING!!
        Arm A. Geddon
  • If you want the hardware

    but not the software, either root to get rid of it, or shove it aside with a launcher from the play store.
    • Awesome!

      How do I put iOS on it?
  • WHY?

    They try to inspire people to buy, and they leave out the 7" version no mention of a version with a SIM slot, and I bet they have made the connection different.

    I have a Tab Mk1 7" works fine if a little slow its my Phone, My Sat Nav, and my personal Computer while out and about, bear in mind I have huge hands so as a phone it works fine for me I bought the Car mount for it when I got it, back then very expensive but it still works fine.

    Now if Samsung had the sense to Keep the connection the same and the size the same so it would take the new versions and had a SIM slot I MIGHT have upgraded but if I have got to replace everything

    The BarnOwl
  • Yawn...