Samsung goes big with NotePRO, TabPRO tablets: Is 12.2 inches overkill?

Samsung goes big with NotePRO, TabPRO tablets: Is 12.2 inches overkill?

Summary: Samsung thinks big-screen tablets will sell just like gigantic televisions do. It remains to be seen if tablets with 12.2 inches of screen space play well.

TOPICS: Tablets, Samsung, CES

Samsung is making a bet that there's a market for tablets with 12.2-inch screens. Time to start pondering how these large devices will play in the market.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nanda Ramachandran, vice president of Samsung's mobile business, set the stage for the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO:

"At Samsung, what we always hear constantly is that people want to do more with their tablets. A new line of tablets will enable them to do more but also allow consumption. These premium tablets are for both work and play."

The Galaxy NotePRO comes with a 12.2-inch screen, while the TabPro has 12.2, 10.1 and 8.4-inch screens.

The big message from Samsung is that these new tablets are supposed to meld business and personal use cases. Samsung's latest tablets are designed to address "every possible user case scenario." 

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samsung tablet

How big is the market for a tablet like that?

Samsung doesn't know, and neither do we. Overall these tablets capture Samsung's larger strategy to create devices that do a bit of everything — and obviously leverage the company's vertical integration.

The features go like this:

  • NotePro has a widescreen display with more than 4 million pixels. 
  • A Magazine UX optimized for the large screen. The interface is supposed to be able to organize content easily on the big screen. 
  • A virtual keyboard that isn't cramped.
  • S Pen and the ability to draw any size window. 
  • Remote PC access. 
  • WebEx preloaded.

And the full view.


Overall, the NotePro sounds interesting, but could flop given that people are going for 7-inch tablets in many cases. Samsung's latest tablets land in the first quarter along with pricing.

Topics: Tablets, Samsung, CES

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  • Actually...

    ...I'd like a larger tablet, I think, if they could keep the weight reasonable.

    Four million pixels is a lot to move around, tho- no mention of the GPU here?

    "Samsung's latest tablets were designed to address "every possible user case scenario." "

    ...which kind of sounds like Samsung; throw everything, see what sticks. I see they're showing kitchen appliances at CES too...
  • Tablets:Big. Phones:small

    I like the idea of a larger tablet that maintains weight.
  • My Surface RT

    If I could do one hardware change on my Surface RT, it would be to give it a larger display to allow it to replace my laptop, of which i primarily use only to RDP into my desktop.
    Rann Xeroxx
    • Similar

      I use an 11.6" Windows tablet and I don't RDP into my desktop, it is my desktop. It has all my data on, so I have it with me on the move, even if I don't have a network connection. At my desk it runs as a desktop, with external 24" monitor.

      A colleague has the Surface Pro 2, which is a bit heavier than my Samsung, but it has USB 3 and is docked to a USB docking station, runs 2 external displays, keyboard and mouse at his desk and he has everything with him on the move and can use OneNote for inking in meetings.

      When the desktop dock for the Surface Pro arrives, I might well consider it as an upgrade, the Samsung is good enough for most things, but I still need to keep my old Core i7 laptop around for photo editing.
    • this is an article about serious products

      and not ms garbage
      • serious products?

        Samsung note pro vs surface pro - no contest surface wins hands down, more power, more apps, more expandabilty........
      • How About Serious Commentary?

        It is obvious you have never used a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2...
  • Make sense - want one with 17"

    This is the right way, to replace the laptop. You have 64GB SD cards, USB with 1TB and you have Netflix for home use. So why not a proper screen that compares with a regular paper, so you can pass around for everyone to see and sign? The doctor needs a huge screen to view the X-ray, even with the zoom. The better screen, the more points the better these tablets will be to read from.
    Hang it on the wall, and use a BT keyboard, and bury the laptop. It is easy to place Ubuntu on top of Android and get access to all the "legacy applications" on this platform.
  • not overkill

    actually anything below 10 inch is a waste of time
    i have 5,3 inch phone, why would 7 inch or 8 inch tablet be interesting?
    spending money to have a little bigger screen?
    if i'm spending money i want value for it. and no winblows of course i don't want to make my life miserable.
  • Your cynicism spoils an exciting development

    This looks like a marvelous product. Even Apple evidently thinks so as it is rumored to be preparing a tablet that size. Perhaps you should wait until the review to start your woe is Samsung talk. I think there are many people like me who are excited about this size and are willing to pay for the power and screen real estate.
  • Hate comments like this.

    "How big is the market for a tablet like that? Samsung doesn't know, and neither do we." -- this, to me, is writer's code for "I need a cliche line to add a transition here."

    Sure, none of us yet know for sure how big the market is for tablets of this size. But, no large scale manufacturer / marketer / brand launches a major worldwide line without having some market data to help them project manufacturing and sales numbers... that would just be idiotic.

    What the author should have said, if anything, was "Samsung won't tell us how many they hope or expect to sell."
  • They Finally Got It Right!!!

    The only reason why I don't have a tablet as yet is because I knew I would exceed its ability within hours. With the NotePro's SPen, larger 12" real estate and other productivity software apps they have a winner! As a power user I need speed and memory capacity. It would be nice if it was 64 bit. I hope the Microsoft Office app can handle my large spreadsheets without delay. Samsung got it right!
  • This should replace notebook/laptop.

    I see a potential for this to replace notebook/laptop. If S-pen is as good as writing o a paper, and I can somehow use MS office apps, I shouldn't need a notebook. Or a virtual desktop to run windows apps could work.

  • Make it slightly larger for Windows 8.1

    The Dell XPS-18 at 18 inches is very sustainable as a portable device...especially with windows 8.1 touch loaded. I think a 13 or 14 inche Windows 8.1, all in one, could be a very competitive machine at 4 LBS.
  • New User Interface

    Finally a ui which is acceptable from samsung. I know this is just for their pro line but they might have something big here if they can somehow translate it to their phone ui. Definitely better then windows 8 mobile.
  • Near Letter Size

    One of the most important (regarding time being used) is to have an accesible and readable technical libray. As a senior consultant in IT I read a lot of stuff and a lightweight tablet with this dimension is really a good solution.