Samsung inches in on Apple's US tablet dominance

Samsung inches in on Apple's US tablet dominance

Summary: Apple is a clear leader for tablets in the US marketplace, but the latest figures show its share is slowly being eaten away by the likes of Samsung.

TOPICS: Tablets, Apple, Samsung

The Apple iPad continues to dominate the US tablet market, according to online advertising network Chitika, although other players are starting to bite at its share.

According to the Chitika Insights report (PDF) for January, Apple's products account for 78.2 percent of tablet web traffic it observed. The figures are drawn from US and Canadian traffic to about 300,000 websites that use Chitika advertising, resulting in a sample size of about 300 million page impressions.

Although Apple is the dominant leader, its figures fell from its 81 percent stranglehold the previous year. Instead, Samsung has increased its market share from 3.9 percent to 6.1 percent, with Chitika stating that this may be a sign the company is breaking through with its strategy to target the tablet market.

Google has increased its share marginally from 1.7 percent to 1.9 percent, with Chitika noting that its Nexus line of tablets has remained relatively stable. But Microsoft has gone from 0.4 percent to 1.7 percent, more than quadrupling its share, which Chitika put down to increased use of Microsoft's Surface RT and Surface 2 products.

Amazon is in second place, but did not grow or lose any of its market share of 7.7 percent.

BlackBerry, Motorola, Toshiba, Acer, and Asus each command less than 1 percent of the market, and all of them saw their share decline by fractions of a percent. The only company with less than 1 percent market share that actually grew in the past year was HP, and even then, it only grew its 0.1 percent share to 0.2 percent.

Topics: Tablets, Apple, Samsung

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  • New Kindle Fire

    It will be interesting to see if Amazon's new Kindle, with it's very clever, maybe even genius panic button, is able to pull in more share.
  • HP Growth.... a shocking figure.

    "The only company with less than 1 percent market share that actually grew in the past year was HP, and even then, it only grew its 0.1 percent share to 0.2 percent." That statement is a bit silly........ the word "only" does not belong there. That's a 100% growth year over year............ that is anything but trivial
    • Seriously!

      In the context of the article: Samsung up "3.9 percent to 6.1 percent", Microsoft up "0.4 percent to 1.7", which are both greater than 1%, an increase of 0.1 percent increase IS trivial.
  • Browser Market Share is Heavily Skewed!

    Once again we see numbers so skewed towards Apple devices, with them naturally pushing more ads in front of Apple users than other device users. Why do these companies continue to insist Apple owns web traffic? Simple.... they make more money off more hits of their ads is all!

    It's like the difference between Cable TV before nearly every network channel ran ads to now with nearly no channels running ads except pay channels. This all assumes people are stuck watching ads whether they want to or are interested in watching them are not. More and more people are now running browsers on even mobile web that run Ad Blockers. If you are blocking the ads, which the majority of Windows and Android devices are capable of, contrary to Apple's locked down tight browsers, you are going to get lower counts any way.

    That's the just the difference between having a AOL or Compuserve type closed Garden Walled Network vs an Open Network. If you can control your users, naturally you can manipulate the numbers to be anything you want! ............when in all reality they don't represent the truth at all!!!

    If people really believed this hype..... it'd mean ratings can be so easily manipulated on Apple's closed box Garden Walled Network that they are the only ones being forced to view more than they really should. Well.... I think that's just fine. Because they all deserve Apple's Brain Warping idealistic Mind Control. So let them all believe they actually use the web more than anyone else, while being force fed Corporate Mind Control of their habits. I'll stick with non-prison cell devices where I have a choice to not have my experience of the Internet controlled by Apple's Thought Police actions!!! ;-P