Samsung introduces Chromebook 2 laptops with Galaxy Note 3 stitched design

Samsung introduces Chromebook 2 laptops with Galaxy Note 3 stitched design

Summary: The two new notebooks will be released in April with Exynos 5 Octa processors and sub-$400 price tags.


Yesterday's leaks of new Samsung Chromebooks with the faux leather look of its Galaxy Note 3 phones and tablets appear to be entirely accurate, as the company has just officially announced two new models, complete with that same trim.

The Chromebook 2 line consists of an 11.6-inch and a 13.3-inch model. To fill in that bigger screen real estate, the 13.3-inch version also has full HD resolution (1,920x1,080) whereas the smaller notebook has a resolution of 1,366x768. They feature similar specs otherwise, including 4GB of RAM, 16GB of solid-state storage, and Samsung's own Exynos 5 Octa processor. (The 13.3-inch Chromebook 2 gets a 2.1GHz CPU, whereas the 11.6-inch model includes a 1.9GHz version.)

Another difference is in that exterior cladding. The smaller laptop will be available in either white or black, while the 13.3-inch unit will come in gray. As you can see in the photo above, the case includes a stitched texture that resembles leather. Samsung also hopes to differentiate its latest family from the increasing number of Chromebooks through its bundled software, which includes Wunderlist Pro and Air Droid Premium. The latter assists you in interacting and transferring files with your Android smartphone.

As with other Chromebooks, Samsung's new Chromebook 2 systems are affordably priced to appeal to students and the education market in general. When they arrive in May, the 11.6-inch flavor will cost $319.99 and the 13.3-inch version will be priced at $399.99.

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  • Lets hope they sell better then previous models

    I was at Best Buy Friday night, and (as usual) Windows section busy, people buying, Apple section busy (guessing people buying) and the Chromebook section was devoid of any life or interest.

    Even the crickets didn't want to hang out there.

    Will even a $319 price point perk up any real interest?
    • Mirrors my experince

      That is exactly my experience as well when I go to the local Best Buy. Sometimes for fun I'll go to the chromebook and type in "Don't buy this machine" and then walk away.
      • Sometimes for fun.......

        And all this time you were telling us that Chromebooks were useless without an internet connection. See, even Lovie can have fun with a Chromebook.
        • Yea, So simply even Loverock Davidson can use.

          “Sometimes for fun I'll go to the chromebook and type in "Don't buy this machine" and then walk away.”.
        • If you need an internet connection for that

          If you need an internet connection just to type a note on the screen then the chromebook is even more worthless than I could imagine.
          • Trying to save face, so funny....LOL!

            “If you need an internet connection”
    • Why would these sell?

      You can buy a Windows PC, and just put Chrome on it, and you have a Chromebook + the ability to use it for 1000 other things.

      Why the #&$@ do you need 4GB of RAM and an 8-core system in a system that just runs web apps anyway??? I can run Windows RT which runs 100% more local apps than Chrome, and RT systems only have 2GB of RAM. Seriously, I thought Linux was supposed to be streamlined to run on low-end hardware. Explain.
      • There are still some things you may not know

        A Chromebook is designed to be a laptop that boots quickly and provides accommodations for light users who do little more than web browsing and maybe light document editing, and very seldom strays from an internet connection. Why do you need to run offline apps if you are never away from an internet connection? If everything you do is online, it suits just fine.
        Just because Linux is optimized to run on lower end systems doesn't mean it wouldn't run better on high-end hardware. More RAM and a faster processor lets more apps run simultaneously. Just because it's a web app doesn't mean that it doesn't require system resources.
        Clearly Windows RT suits you more than ChromeOS. You go ahead and use that.
      • Business and Education Users

        Chromebooks can run Citrix as well as most business web apps, so it has become a throw-away device that can do much of what many corporations need. More critically, however, is that it is making huge roads in the secondary education market as they issue laptops (Chrombooks) to students for studying. Nearly everything a student needs to do (depending on major, even at an undergrad level) can be done on a Chromebook, so a $300 price tag is quite attractive.
    • Very lame attempt

      at MS shilling...
      • How is being honest "shilling"?

        Nice way to not address the issue being questioned.
        • Honest?

          You determined the number of folks at a given time at a best buy, the sales of that item.

          Will, how many folks bought a Wireless router when you were there?
          • It doesn't mean that Will is right...

            But to be fair, WhoRUKiddin calls anyone who even gives the slightest bit of praise to Microsoft a shill.

            It's like an instinctive defense mechanism of his/hers.

            I've been called an MS shill because of that before, despite the fact that enjoy all tech.

            I'm a huge lover of Android (it's excellent smartphones) and Mac hardware, for example, despite the fact that I openly criticize Chromebooks and iOS.
      • Even lamer attempt

        at Google shilling...
    • “You can fool all the people some of the time,

      and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
      • Exactly

        So why are OEMs trying to release chromebooks again and again? Whom are they trying to fool?
        • You clearly did not follow the thread

          …. :(
    • Ignoring Education Market

      Since most are sold online (Google Play) and through education bulk purchases, you are not likely to find much traffic in stores for the product. There is no question that it is a new market that is selling surprisingly well. HP, Samsung, Acer and others are not all building these things because they have money to burn. That said - the fact that they have helped destroy the Netbook market does not mean they will have long term potential. Right now, however, they continue to pick up customers.
  • Hey its two 'softies -farrel and L.D.

    I would recommend the chromebook, a great value at $199 for the acer 720. I know anti-chromebook people will dismiss the importance but when I was curious and looked in the top 10 laptops from Amazon, there were more chromebooks (5) than windows systems (4). Plus 1 macbook, but that was over $1K. Of the 4 windows systems, only 1 showed the metro screen. That's because 2 of them were windows 7 laptops and one was too embarassed I guess.
    • MS shills working overtime on this one

      It's kind of sad, though!

      Even Ed Bot disagrees with them:

      New U.S. sales figures show the changing face of PC and tablet markets in 2013
      Summary: A snapshot of the U.S. commercial sales channel for the first 11 months of 2013 shows a big shift in the marketplace for computing devices. Windows PCs are flat, Apple PCs are down, and tablets of all kinds (including Android and Windows devices) are way up. But the big winner is the Chromebook.

      I guess these MS shills are the low budget part of the Scroogle campaign.