Samsung introduces first Windows Phone 8 device

Samsung introduces first Windows Phone 8 device

Summary: Samsung showed off its first Windows Phone 8 device, the ATIV, minus any pricing or availability information.


At the IFA show in Berlin on August 29, Samsung took the wraps off what now officially qualifies as the first publicly revealed Windows Phone 8 device.


Microsoft officials blogged about the new device -- which Tom Warren of The Verge also posted about earlier today -- on the Windows Phone blog.

The new device is called the ATIV S. There is no information from Microsoft the price or availability dates for the device.

"This is just the first in a big lineup of new hardware that’s coming with Windows Phone 8," blogged Microsoft's Smoked by Windows Phone guy, Ben Rudolph.

According to Microsoft's blog post, the ATIV S has a 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display made from Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Other Samsung ATIV S specs:

  • 1.5Ghz dual-core processor
  • 1GB of onboard RAM
  • 8MP autofocus rear camera and 1.9MP front-facing camera
  • choice of two storage capacities – 16GB or 32GB (both with MicroSD slot for expanded storage)
  • 2300mAh battery

Next week, on September 5, Nokia is expected to show off its first new Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices. The rumor is AT&T will be on hand as the lead carrier for those phones.

Microsoft officials have not said publicly when Windows Phone 8 OS will be released to manufacturing, but sources of mine have said that is due to happen in September. The majority of Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to be generally available by late October/early November, my sources have said.

Microsoft officials shared early details about a number of the coming features for Windows Phone 8 in late June. The Windows Phone 8 OS will include many Windows core elements at its heart, and will add many business-focused features that had been missing from current Windows Phone releases.

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  • What about Verizon?

    All I want is a top end Windows Phone on Verizon.
    • This phone looks fantastic

      And has all I want currently in a phone
      • Minus LTE....

        A definitely must for Verizon. I read they are no longer releasing non-LTE smartphones. This phone will not be on Verizon with these specs.
        • It might not be on Verizon, period

          So don't get your hopes up...
          Cylon Centurion
          • Plus it looks like an iPhone with Windows

            which means that Apple might go after them again for this, but probably not.
            Windows phone is not as much a threat as Android is.
          • Nothing like an iPhone

            ....dont troll here please.
          • Nothing like? Take a closer look.

            The body is little different from the older iPhone 3G from the speaker slot at the top to the single 'home' button below with with a rounded, chromed back from what we can see of the edges.

            Sure, it's a completely different OS, but if it's on the same old hardware, it's not really different.
          • Looked at through electron microscope and...

            It looks not a single solitary thing like an iPhone, and I own an iPhone so get lost.
          • Apple Trolling Again, meh!

            It's the same shape and characteristics as a Samsung Galaxy S2. I know, I have a S2. If you had an S2 you'd know the difference. duh!
        • LTE

          This will be released for ATT LTE

          Also MS related products are immune from iPhone attack due to a patent sharing agreement
    • one or more will be coming

      With Nokia and Samsung turning out nice Windows Devices I think they will jump aboard soon. It makes sense to add Windows Phone because they'd likely make more money off these devices than Apple. I-phones come at a very steep price for carriers.
    • Nokia on Verizon

      There are strong rumors and indications that Verizon will get a Nokia model, but mid-range. I think Verizon will wait and see WP8 in 2013 before releasing a high-end flagship.
      • uh Verizon hates nokia

        even my sales guy admits this. a deal between them would be a miracle.
    • on lte

      These are the euro lines. Should be a little diff for US
    • Me too.

      That is exactly what I want.
    • Another Generic Looking Samsung Phone

      There doesn't seem to be anything physically attractive about the phone. Doesn't look anywhere near as good as the Nokia phones.... But that's Samsung for you.
    • Hope you live a healthy lifestyle then....

      ...cause it's gonna be a while. :(
    • Verizon?

      It will probably have all the cool features locked out.
  • Ok Samsun, you are pulling me your way...

    Now Nokia just has to make their announcement to see what they produce. I think Nokia devices will just be Lumia 900s with some internal upgrades. That's still not a bad thing though.
    • I wouldn't bet on that.

      Samsung is exactly the company I would expect to take a current platform and shoehorn in a different OS, and then show it off without a price or release date. I'm pretty confident that Nokia will be showing a device that if not designed for Win Phone 8 from the ground up is highly optimized for the Win NT kernel.