Samsung intros Ativ One 5 Style all-in-one PC based on Galaxy aesthetic

Samsung intros Ativ One 5 Style all-in-one PC based on Galaxy aesthetic

Summary: The new Windows 8 desktop takes its design cues from the white Galaxy S4 smartphone.

TOPICS: PCs, Samsung, Windows 8
(Image: Samsung)

In addition to announcing new tablets and laptops in a London event a few days ago, Samsung also debuted a new all-in-one PC that borrows its look from the company's popular Galaxy line of phones.

The Ativ One 5 Style is a Windows 8 system that shares the glossy white aesthetic with the Galaxy S4 smartphone. It features a 21.5-inch touchscreen with full 1080p HD resolution (1,920x1,080) and metallic edging. An AMD quad-core processor powers the Ativ One 5 Style, which also makes use of AMD Radeon HD 8400 graphics.

Samsung has been touting the syncing capabilities of its PCs, and the Ativ One 5 Style is no exception. The Side Screen feature lets you view your Samsung's phone screen on the desktop display, while HomeSync Lite gives you the ability to sync your data across multiple Samsung devices using the PC as a cloud hub.

The company has provided no pricing or availability details for the Ativ One 5 Style, but if you want to learn more about Samsung's new all-in-one, you can check out our sister site CNET's hands-on testing.

Topics: PCs, Samsung, Windows 8

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  • I can't stand the Galaxy style... looks outdated now. 5 years from now it will be positively pre-historic.
    • Re: it looks outdated now

      Should suit Windows down to a T, then.
      • Ironic.

        Among all of the current operating systems, Windows has been the only one that's changed aesthetically.

        Ubuntu's changed a bit, but OS X and Mint have all looked the same for quite a while.
        • It sure sounds like people like ldo17

          feel stagnation is a good thing.
          William Farrel
      • Re: Should suit Windows down to a T, then

        Don't know why I got so many flags for that. It's like people want Samsung and Windows to fail.
  • Looks like a winner

    I'm very excited about the new laptop they are bringing out. This looks like a very clean device to me. The specs will tell the tale for me.
  • Too much Galaxy

    They will devalue the brand to the point that it becomes irrelevant. I won't buy a galaxy camera because I have a galaxy phone. A good handset or two is no proof of a great tv. I really don't see the point in them doing this with the galaxy brand, why dilute it so much?
    Little Old Man