Samsung launches Ativ Book 9 Plus Ultrabook, Book 9 Lite laptop

Samsung launches Ativ Book 9 Plus Ultrabook, Book 9 Lite laptop

Summary: The Plus features Intel's new Haswell chips and a 13.3-inch screen with 3,200x1,800 resolution, while the cheaper Lite relies on AMD processors instead.


A little lost in the hubbub surrounding the launch of the Ativ Q hybrid Windows 8/Android device, Samsung also rolled out a pair of new laptops to refresh the Ativ Book 9 family.

More notable is the Ativ Book 9 Plus Ultrabook (pictured above), which will run on Intel's new Haswell Core i5 and i7 processors and shares the Ativ Q's ultra-high-res 13.3-inch touchscreen (3,200x1,800, or 275 pixels per inch). The display is covered in Corning's Gorilla Glass and offers a pair of hinged positions, including 180 degress if, for some reason, you need the screen to lay flat.

Samsung also claims it has improved the keyboard and trackpad over its Book 9 predecessors. The Book 9 Plus weighs 3.06 pounds and is 0.54 inches thick at its skinniest point. The company promises 12 hours of battery life thanks to the new Haswell chips, but that figure might be less in real-world testing. For more hands-on details, our sister site CNET has a rundown.


For more budget-conscious buyers, Samsung additionally announced the Book 9 Lite, which lacks the Haswell processors and pixel-packed screen. Instead, it apparently runs on an unspecified AMD chip (according to Engadget) and has a more pedestrian 13.3-inch screen and a similarly average 1,366x768 resolution. It comes with SSD storage and is available in black, white and red color choices. It is a little thicker (0.67 inches) and heavier (3.17 pounds) than the Book 9 Plus.

Samsung hasn't yet detailed pricing or availability for either of the new Book 9 notebooks, though we can almost guarantee that the Book 9 Plus will be considerably more expensive the Book 9 Lite. 

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  • "Lost in the hubbub"... please

    This is currently the best laptop on the planet! Who cares about the active Q hybrid or the Android device. The Ativ Book 9 Plus is undeniably the king of the crop!!!
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      A 13.3 inch tablet is impressive, however another large, 12-inch Android tablet also became available this week, the new model is the Icoo 12GT for $299 and features an impressive Retina-quality screen and Quad Core performance, along with Android 4.2.2, quality front and rear cameras, MicroSD storage, Google Play, and works with Miracast TV (like Apple AirPlay) - one of the first sites in the U.S. to offer the new Icoo 12GT model is T a bl e t S p r i n t
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  • All Claims are not the Same

    "The company promises 12 hours of battery life thanks to the new Haswell chips, but that figure might be less in real-world testing."

    The MacBook Air makes the exact same claim, yet you will never see "but that figure might be less in real-world testing"

    Just an observation.
  • samsung

    On the left side of the notebook are connectors USB 3.0, microUSB adapter for connection to RJ45, micro-HDMI and a card reader.
    Rimsha Awan
  • Really looks great and it will even look better

    With anything other than Windows on it.

    End Of Story......Period
    Over and Out
  • no thunderbolt port?

    How pathetic... But, if the thing sells up to $500, why not.
  • A shame that Windows won't properly utilize that extreme resoution...

    ...You could put a 4k display on there and Windows still wouldn't scale it properly.

    The MBP Retina's display resolutions are both beautiful, practically sufficient and OSX HiDPI support makes the resolution truly usable by increasing the sharpness of on-screen objects, not just putting more junk on the screen (though you can if you want to).
    • Re: and OSX HiDPI support

      Falls short of Android's XXHDPI support (480dpi nominal).