Samsung picks AuthenTec for VPN security: One more BYOD excuse

Samsung picks AuthenTec for VPN security: One more BYOD excuse

Summary: Samsung is partnering with AuthenTec to offer Galaxy smartphone users with VPN for enterprise security. You just won yet another excuse to bring your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to work.


Samsung has chosen AuthenTec's virtual private networking (VPN) software to bolster its range of Android devices for the enterprise.

Bringing your new Galaxy S III --- dubbed the "bring-your-own device" buddy --- to work just got that little bit easier. Despite its legal troubles, the Galaxy S III remains as one of the top contenders to to take on the likes of the iPhone in the enterprise. 

But above all else, to make BYOD work, you cannot have a device that sacrifices security and productivity for consumer-focused features. At the same time, with the rise of teleworkers and employees working by train or plane, working away from the office requires a level of security that can be guaranteed and dependable.

By integrating AuthenTec's QuickSec VPN client technology in Samsung's range of Galaxy smartphones gives users secure access to corporate networks to internal documents, features and applications --- without sacrificing mobility.

At the same time, it comes with a customisable user interface that doesn't need messing around with, configuring or hassle from the end user: in most cases it requires a PIN or a password and that's it. You're in.

QuickSec is compatible with newer Android versions --- Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" and above --- and is compatible with all major VPN gateways, making the software choice a logical pick for Samsung's millions of mobile users. 

It also includes IPv6, IKEv2 with MOBIKE, XAuth, EAP-based authentication, and split-tunneling support.

AuthenTec, which also makes biometric chips for PCs and mobile devices, jumped by more than 12 percent in pre-market trading on the Nasdaq on Monday. 

Image credit: CNET.

Topics: Samsung, Security, Enterprise 2.0

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  • Each g+ Circle could be a separate VPN

    Done right, each work Circle, task force, Hangout, Event could have mult-level secure access. Transitory and permanent VPN technology could secure privacy for all who want it, especially enterprises.
  • So having a secure way to download sensitive corporate data to an insecure

    phone where it can be retransmitted (stolen) with ease by any app seems like a good idea now? When it comes to android byod is a horrible idea for corporate IT.
    Johnny Vegas
    • When it comes to ANY mobile OS it is a bad idea

      Regardless of the OS, it is still going to be an insecure device. And insecure devices are a liability, not an asset.

      Even a personally owned Blackberry is a potential security failure no matter how you look at it.
      • It's all bad now..

        You need to treat any device even on your desktop as if it has been to the outside and possibly compromised. The reason? There are just way to many exploits where they are getting all the way in. Expect to see way more people putting firewalls between all devices and the data center, and even acl's or firewalls from data center device to device.
    • Downloading sensitive data . . .

      . . . to your personal Windows PC is the same horrible idea. If I can VPN to work with my personal computer, nothing I have access to is safe if my computer is compromised or if I'm unethical.
  • AuthenTec

    Hope they also intergrate AuthenTec's great Biometric (fingerprint) login. They make the best fingerprint readers and software available. Would love to secure my smartphone with finger print access uning login codes shared with my desktop, laptop, and tablet.
  • yakshithathilak

    Good to know about it !
  • Samsung

    Samsung applications are really nice.
  • Now that Apple owns them..

    I wonder how this will change the relationship?