Samsung preparing massive 11.8-inch tablet with Retina Display-like resolution

Samsung preparing massive 11.8-inch tablet with Retina Display-like resolution

Summary: Plans for the new slate are buried among the documents being used in the Apple vs. Samsung trial.

TOPICS: Tablets, Samsung

The documents released for the Apple vs. Samsung trial have been a treasure trove for gadget bloggers, showing off Apple's early prototypes of the iPhone and iPad, amongst other findings. The Verge has also unearthed an intriguing skeleton in Samsung's closet: plans for a huge 11.8-inch tablet with Retina Display-like resolution.

While this is not the first time news of a large Samsung tablet has surfaced -- BGR reported a rumor about a similar slate, though it predicted a February 2012 release date -- we now have official confirmation (albeit indirectly) from the company itself.

Known as P10, the tablet would possess a pixel density of 256ppi with a resolution of 2,560x1,600. It would also come with LTE connectivity. But it would be one of the biggest slates available -- Toshiba introduced the 13-inch Excite 13 earlier this year -- which could hinder its commercial possibilities.

Though Apple is hyping the Retina Display feature for its latest iPad and special edition of MacBook Pro, the basic concept of pushing more pixels into fewer inches isn't proprietary, so it should come as no surprise that its competitors will join in with similar ultra-high-resolution displays of their own. What is a bit surprising is that Samsung would attempt it in a tablet that's 2 inches bigger than the iPad's 9.7-inch form factor.

Given that the time frame for the P10 seems to have been pushed back from BGR's initial report, perhaps Samsung is planning to adapt the concept to a convertible laptop/tablet hybrid for Windows 8. Or perhaps its display technology just hasn't been perfected yet. In any event, it looks like you should be expecting a Samsung 11.8-inch Retina-like display on a portable computer sometime this year.

Topics: Tablets, Samsung

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  • Retina display is not just about the high pixel

    density, it's about the resolution doubling of the UI elements.
    • Android has better resolution independence than iOS

      iOS has extremely primitive ways of handling different resolutions which is why Apple is forced to either leave resolution as it is or double it. There is no in between.

      The good news for Apple is that despite the fact that iOS is basically resolution locked (developers have to build their UI for a specific resolution) developers have taken it upon themselves to create multiple UIs, one for each possible resolution.

      On, and retina display is purely a marketing term. To say that Samsung is using Retina Display like resolution is the same as saying Apple is using Samsung Wide Color Enhancer like screens in the iPad. retina display is a meaningless term meant to make ignorant consumers go "ooo, the screen is as good as the retina in my eye? amazing"
      • Little learning helps

        Some learning always helps, toddbottom3.

        The iOS developers don't design different UIs for different screen resolution. They design different UIs for different screen *size*. This is because, independent of the resolution, in order to tap on an on-screen element, that element needs to be at least of certain physical dimensions, as are your fingers. That is, your fingers do not become smaller when you look at higher density display.

        This is not mouse or other pointer input, where the display position might be proportional but not absolutely dependent on the pointer movements.

        But you are correct, that Retina Display is probably an Apple trademark and it would be unwise for Samsung to attempt to copy that too.
    • not completely true

      In all fairness, Apple has always saying Retina display is about pixel density (PPI) and never about resolution.
      Given that if both x and y are doubling UI elements would be 4x higher, not just doubling.
  • Comics

    This could be the tablet digital comic book lovers are looking for. The iPad is just 20% short of being the right size, but this tablet if done correctly could be great for reading comics.
    Daniel Rydstrom
  • Just throwing this out there..

    Apple's "innovative" retina display is actually manufactured and sold to them by Samsung.
    • Retina Display

      Finally there is the basic truth of it, all these feuding companies are in bed with each other on the supply side of things. It seems to me that they should get it together and just make a better product and not fight with each other about silly style points.
      • Samsung and Samsung

        There is only little detail here.

        Samsung is not a single company. It is an holding. It is one of the companies in the Samsung holding, that builds the displays and other components that Apple users. That same manufacturing company is also building displays and other components for another company owned by Samsung, that produces tablets and smartphones.

        Obviously, Apple does not have any issue with the manufacturing company.
        Apple apparently has issues with the other company under Samsung's wing, that copies their products.
    • Samsung told you so?

      Did you happen to know, that by disassembling a bunch of new iPads, people came to discover that they are fitted with displays made by at least three different manufacturers. Most likely, one of them is Samsung.

      So, what is wrong in Samsung manufacturing an display to Apple's design and specification?
      This is what manufacturers do.