Samsung prepping Galaxy Note 8.0 8-inch tablet to compete against iPad mini?

Samsung prepping Galaxy Note 8.0 8-inch tablet to compete against iPad mini?

Summary: The rumored device would pack a higher-res screen than Apple's smaller tablet and run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

TOPICS: Tablets, Android, Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 could get an 8-inch sibling soon.

Despite already having 7-inch tablets out in the market, Samsung is supposedly at work on a new 8-inch model that would compete more directly with the Apple iPad mini. According to  the SamMobile online fan site (take the source for what it's worth), the Galaxy Note 8.0 could pop up at Mobile World Congress next month.

The 8-inch slate would have a resolution of 1,280×800, which is slightly better than the iPad mini's 1,024x768, and come with 2GB of memory and either 16GB or 32GB of storage. It would also run Android 4.2, the latest version of Jelly Bean. Like other Galaxy Notes, it would include a stylus, which may or may not be a draw for buyers, depending on how useful they find using the digital pen.

Of course, how well the purported Galaxy Note 8.0 would do against the iPad mini will come down to price. Unfortunately, that's one piece of info that did not leak to SamMobile, so we'll just have to wait to find out how aggressively Samsung would price the tablet. $249 and I think we'd have a potential winner, right?


Topics: Tablets, Android, Samsung

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  • Competition is good

    I am liking how Microsoft, Apple and Linux (Android, etc.) are giving more options out there.
    D.J. 43
    • Agreed

      Choices and options are good for the consumers, who should think for themselves rather than blindly listening to all the "fanbois" participating in this "discussion" forum...
      • Competition is good, but it gets interesting when the progess is ...

        ... qualitative, rather than quantitative.

        For example, Sean cites higher resolution of this 8" tablet as advantage over iPad mini. It is correct, but it does not deserve to be placed under the header since it is only an incremental characteristic advancement, not anything like Retina class resolution would bring. You are still perfectly seeing the dots.

        So for this competition to bring anything actually new to users, we have to wait for *qualitative* advancements. And here second generation of Apple's iPad mini -- now with Retina display -- will deliver.
        • To paraphrase

          Increases in resolution don't count unless apple calls it retina.
          • Nice to see you being so courageous.

            Most people would be embarrassed to put their ignorance out so plainly for people to see, but you do it with pride. Kudos to you!
          • Personal attacks?

            Nice to see you admit you lost.
          • @Todd - "To paraphrase"

            It has been a while since I agreed with one of your posts and this morning I've read two in the last ten minutes that I liked. I'm beginning to worry about me.

            Please check your drugs haven't gone out of date or something.
        • Seeing the dots???

          Seeing the dots? Like how? 275ppi on this, about the same as the 264ppi on the iPad retina display. It's no wonder Apple sells tonnes of their stuff, because they are marketing geniuses, packaging ideas in new names and selling them to people who think, wow.
          Lek Guan
          • Well, yeah

            Marketing is a big part of it. The "retina-ness" of your display depends in part on the ppi, in part on the relative size of the display (how far away will it be when you view it), and in part on how high a resolution you or the other guy did last time. Since 1280x720 or thereabouts displays are common on everything from smartphones to 7" tablets, they aren't terribly interesting on 8" or 10" tablets anymore.

            But it's still a pretty decent resolution for the size of the device. And also, as proven and not-exotic tech, a sign Samsung may be aggressive on price here, though the "Note" series is always their higher-end tablet.
          • What is wrong with your calculator?

            This 8" tablet's resolution in 1280x800 -- which is nothing like 275 ppi. iPad mini's 1024x768 makes 163 ppi, so this Samsung's tablet only reaches 200 ppi. Also, 8" diagonal makes owner to use this tablet closer than significantly bigger than full-sized tablet. So while 250+ dpi is enough for 10" devices, smaller ones still require close to 300 dpi resolution.

            So yes, Apple will AGAIN be the first to mass produce mini-tablet with Retina class resolution.
          • Of course apple will be the first

            "So yes, Apple will AGAIN be the first to mass produce mini-tablet with Retina class resolution."

            Only apple can call something "Retina". Only apple can specify the "correct" viewing distance to ensure that nothing can be called "retina class" until apple is ready to release their Retina product.

            " So while 250+ dpi is enough for 10" devices, smaller ones still require close to 300 dpi resolution"

            And here you show why. "Retina" doesn't refer to a specific PPI, it refers to a made up PPI threshold of apple's choosing. YOU say it needs 300dpi. You made that up.

            Even better is your claim that anyone coming out with anything better than the magical PPI apple claims as being required for Retina is just a waste. Guess what. I claim that for 8" tablets, 200ppi is retina and anything higher is just a waste. So if apple comes out with a 300ppi ipad mini, I'll simply say that those extra ppis are a waste.
          • Kodak introduced the retina in 1934

            Theirs had higher resolution than Anything from Apple, Samsung, etc.

            I always thought it was a dumb thing to call a display, but it is, apparently, good marketing.

            I borrowed my dad's Kodak Retina when I was a kid getting into photography, and I lost it (left it on a bus).
            Schoolboy Bob
          • PS iphone 5 isn't retina

            I claim that for 4.3" phones, a 332ppi is required for retina. For 4" phones, you need something even higher since the viewing distance for a 4" phone is smaller. So I'm going to say that for 4" phones, a 350ppi is required for retina.

            My Nokia Lumia 920 has a ppi of 332 so it is retina.
            The iphone 5 has a ppi of 326 so it isn't retina.

            This is fun.
          • Math

            An 8" 1280x800 16:10 resolution screen is about 4.24" x 6.78". That's 28.76 sq inches, and calcs to about 189 ppi.

            The 9.7" Retina iPad is 267ppi. The 7.9" Mini iPad is an iffy 163ppi.

            Hopefully Apple will do at least 1600x1200 in the next Mini = 253ppi

            BTW an 8" 16:10 screen at 1920x1200 is 283ppi. That's what Androids need.
          • Re: iPad mini's 1024x768 makes 163 ppi

            Which falls a bit short of the 1200✕800 at a nominal 213ppi that my Asus Nexus 7 can manage. In a form factor that fits into my pants pocket, too!
          • so what you are saying is...

            The only thing that matters is higher resolution is that right ? The idea of the note is not just entertainment. the note offers a work and play element . The iPad is entertainment. Pure and simple. I have been using my note 10.1 for the past 3 weeks and I have never got more use out of a tablet then this 1. Is the resolution of the note better than the iPad? Most likely not. But keep this in mind hi resolution equals higher battery drain. I can use my note 10.1 for and a half to 2 days of heavy use. if you want Entertainment solely, then get the iPad. If you want a more all around tablet then get the note.
            Cory Ducey
          • Are you trying to prove your ignorance Cory?

            By stating that the iPad is an entertainment only device just goes to show your ignorance to what the iPad can do. Not claiming it is a better choice for you than your Note but don't let your bias cloud common sense.
          • PPI is only part of the retina equation

            The other part is adjusting the UI so that the UI elements remain the same size. What good is your 600 DPI inkjet printer if everything prints out four times smaller than it did on your old 120 DIP dot matrix unit, or simply gets scaled up so that it's jaggy edges are perfectly reproduced at 600 DPI.
        • Not Good Enough

          I had an 8" Vizio tablet a while back. That's a near-perfect screen size. But the 1280x800 resolution of this Samsung is too low res by today's standards. The expected iPad Mini with a retina display will blow it away. And if it also sacrifices that rear-facing camera (like the Nexus) or GPS (like the Kindle and Nook) then it will fail badly.

          If they want to produce a cheap 8-incher, by all means go for it. But how about a GOOD one for those of us who keep waiting for a portable Android device with high resolution and all the desirable features?
          • Interesting, So You're Saying the Mini iPad Sucks?

            The Mini iPad's display is worse than your Vizio. So, if the Vizio is too low res, the Mini iPad must be G-d Awful.

            The Mini iPad WiFi-only doesn't have GPS and it isn't failing.