Samsung Q2 profits hit record on smartphone sales

Samsung Q2 profits hit record on smartphone sales

Summary: South Korean firm makes 6.7 trillion won (US$5.9 billion) in operating profit for three months ended June, up 79 percent from year before, on the back of expected strong sales of smartphones.


Samsung Electronics has posted a record operating profit for its second quarter, above analyst expectations.

For the three months ended June, its operating profit rose 79 percent from the same period last year to hit 6.7 trillion won (US$5.9 billion) according to its regulatory filing with the Korean stock exchange on Friday. This was above the market estimates of 6.58 trillion won (US$5.78 billion) compiled by newswire Bloomberg.

Over the same period, the company's revenue rose 19 percent rise to 47 trillion won (US$41.2 billion). It did not give an estimate for net profit.

"Earnings growth, led by smartphones, continued into the second quarter,” Brian Park, an analyst at Tong Yang Securities, said in a Bloomberg article. He added that "with today’s numbers, any concern about Samsung’s business, as well as overall demand for technology products, can be put to rest for now.”

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  • Well Bruizer

    You were saying?
  • That's why Apple is trying to ban Samsung products!

    There running scared from the Samsung juggernaut! 8-0
    • Passed another one

      They won't be scared for long. On the 24th, Apple will post its results for the quarter ending in June. It's very likely that this is the quarter that Apple will pass Samsung in revenue. Apple already makes about twice as much money as Samsung.

      Samsung is a big company. To pass them up is quite an achievement.
      Robert Hahn
      • Wow

        How are they going to do that? Everything points to slower sales than Q4/11 and possibly on par with Q1/12.
        • Great Karnak

          Frankly I was stunned to see how close it was last quarter. I though Apple was still substantially behind Samsung in sales. Not so; they are very close.
          Robert Hahn