Samsung reveals the Galaxy S4 (photos)

Samsung reveals the Galaxy S4 (photos)

Summary: Samsung steps up the heat in its continuing battle with Apple over patents, smartphones, and tablets. Take a look at its amazing accomplishment.


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  • (Image: Sarah Tew/CNET)

    Its dual camera lets you capture  up to 9 seconds of audio while taking a picture. The Drama shot lets you combine all actions in the burst mode into one photo.


  • (Image: Sarah Tew/CNET)

    Adapt Display automatically adjusts contrast and other factors depending on the light.


  • (Image: Sarah Tew/CNET)

    Unlike Apple devices, the Galaxy S4 has a removable battery that boasts a larger capacity than the Galaxy S3, too: 2,600mAh compared with a 2,100mAh battery.


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  • Maybe it's me

    Maybe it is me but, there's nothing here that makes me feel like my Note 2 is significantly sub par. Sorry but, the phone is just an update and isn't anything special overall.
    • Re: that makes me feel like my Note 2 is significantly sub par.

      In other words, Samsung don't just make one great product, they make a range of great products.

      So what else is new? :)
      • And yet

        it runs Android, like a variety of turds...floaters, sinkers, hard, loose...Samsung makes a variety of products based on this.
        • Oh that's right

          You like your turds polished, like apple. Gotcha.
  • Galaxy S4

    This phone looks amazing. Another fantastic device from Samsung to blow the oposition away.
    Stephen McQuarrie
    • Really... I see it as a step back

      Except on the Screen department and the eye tracking thing.

      The eye tracking is creepy, it seems intrusive. If it can do that, what else can it do that they dont tell you about?
      • That is a good point

        "If it can do that, what else can it do that they dont tell you about?"

        I hear that the iphone takes a picture of you every 30 seconds and sends it back to apple headquarters for analysis. Of course apple doesn't tell you about it and when asked, will deny it.
        • I'm sure your iPhone does

          And your iPad for that matter
        • Crazier than the Tea Party

          Yeah, because Apple likes to see all those shots of the inside of your pocket. Cmon man, make it stop.
          • More out of touch with reality than

            an Occupy Wallstreet mob would be a more accurate analogy.
          • Whichever extreme you prefer

            is a valid comparison. Our politics may differ but choose whatever works for you. Kinda the same way our resident device extremists should behave.
          • Good, you understand

            Puts this quote from the poster I was responding to in context:

            "The eye tracking is creepy, it seems intrusive. If it can do that, what else can it do that they dont tell you about?"

            Yet you and your buddy baggins didn't go nuts over that one. Why not?
          • Because I don't live in fear

            of companies tracking me or devote any time to conspiracy theories and doomsday prepping. I also don't have a Samsung Galaxy, so I don't need to worry about an S4 tracking my eye movement or otherwise creeping me out. If I were the type to worry about my devices based on message board hearsay, I would only have to worry about my iPhone taking periodic pictures of pocket lint, my Windows 7 laptop keystrokes being logged, and the horror of an item I Googled for once appearing in a banner ad.
          • It's ok if Micro$oft tracks you, though...

            toddytroll said so
          • Really? I didn't see where he said that

            I did dee you mention MS before he did.
            William Farrel
          • "I did dee you"

            What the hell is that?


        • I'm sure the carriers would hate that. Think about the data.

          But I assume you were tongue and cheek on that one?
        • Please, Lord,...

          ...I know it's asking a lot, but please give toddy some common sense. Even just a little bit. Amen.
  • Hmmm nothing special

    Don't see anything that the S4 has that leaps out at me that would have made me buy it.

    My BB Z10 which I recently purchased is still a great smart phone, no regrets :)
    • And BB is?

      No, not for a while now.