Samsung secures stores in European push

Samsung secures stores in European push

Summary: Samsung has teamed up with Carphone Warehouse across Europe, converting stores in to dedicated Samsung outlets.

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Samsung has reached an agreement with Carphone Warehouse to transform stores across Europe in to dedicated venues for the company's products.

The phone retailer, which has roughly 2,000 stores across Europe, has agreed to make Samsung a 'preferred retailer' and sell only Samsung-related products in 60 stores. The dedicated outlets will "have a premium look and feel" and span "products across Samsung's full range of mobiles, tablets, laptops and wearables."

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The agreement follows the success of three pilot stores in Spain. The new stores, rolled out across seven European markets -- the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands -- will greatly increase Samsung's retail imprint across the continent, and all are due for launch within the next three months. While Samsung already has a number of stores across Europe, the fresh addition of 60 will help the mobile device maker in its quest to compete with Apple, which has over 100 stores in the same area, and over 400 worldwide.

As Samsung has now become Carphone Warehouse's 'preferred partner,' this spells good news should the smartphone and tablet maker wish to expand further across Europe. Carphone Warehouse stores, already established, could be used to give Samsung shelf space quickly without costly investment in the creation of their own retail outlets from scratch.

Topic: Samsung

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  • Apple Who? No Longer the Juggernaut SAMSUNG is Becoming!

    Just 3yrs ago Apple looked unbeatable. For one quarter they raced ahead of both Nokia and Samsung was behind both of them. Samsung was that company that although they sold phones, they mainly sold parts to other phone makers, like processors, screens and memory.

    Last year quarter after quarter they blew the roof off their own prior record setting smartphone sales consecutively growing while Apple was stagnant or just marginally if anything. In China they lost market share over the entire year and on a quarter to quarter basis lost share.

    To end the year (Q4 2013) ..... they sold 91 Million smartphones around the globe, breaking each quarter's record for staggering 315 Million Smartphones alone. Which was over double what Apple sold on the year. But yet simply because profits were down, because they elected to give greater dividends to share holders and huge near $750 Million in Bonuses to Employees for doing so well in that last quarter, people were discounting them by year's end.

    Why? Samsung has been breaking records in CAPeX and R&D spending that make Apple and every other Electronics corporation look like they didn't want or need to invest in their future. Apple writes a few tech patents and software method patents that cost little to develop. Then depend on companies like LG, Sharp, Foxconn and Samsung to do the actual R&D to bring them to market. They have this insane idea that by only rolling their profits into Long Term Offshore Corporate IRA's instead of just investing in their own future, they can somehow be seen as a continuing growth market living off OPM (other people's money) both CAPeX and R&D along with only ever being totally outsourced themselves in hardware manufacturing.

    Haven't we seen this all before? Outsourcing has become the bane of manufacturing all over the World, so as if to say, "We don't need any stinking blood sucking investment in our own future. We'll be like Apple and Google and simply let companies like Samsung and LG do it all that for us"!

    Sony, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Dell, etc all decided that outsourcing is the wave of the future. Now #1 Electronics Giant Sony.... is getting out of TV screens, computers, chip making and making any of their own hardware, simply because they like Apple thought Corporate Profits matter more than planning for their own future growth. Cisco and Microsoft were both #1 Market Cap leaders like Apple, now where are they? Getting further back the more goods they have produced in offshore labor and parts markets in China. Dell and HP are both prime examples of "let's make hay while the sun shines and forget tomorrow". While Apple decided back in 2008 to buy their way into innovation, since Steve Jobs told them back in 2000, that they didn't need to invest anything in R&D to be a success today.

    All of these companies did the same thing. They became Electronic Manufacturing Store Fronts and either bought or stole their way into success off the backs of the Sharp's, Foxconn's, Samsung's and LG's who were actually pouring their profits into the Future and now none of them can exist without somebody else actually doing the hard work for them in supplying their parts and production.

    Now one complete for real.... end to end #1 Electronics Giant is left and although they are still making less profits, they have just figured out the secret to success today is NOT ever letting your future be decided by outsourcing of any phase of production and sales. That Giant is of course SAMSUNG! ....and they are doing it by investing in the markets they want to sell most in with parts design, production, sales marketing, with end to end growth in the future guiding them and never ever having to worry about depending on others for parts and product production, sales and marketing but themselves! Evidently they understand that niche, fanaticism and exclusive designs to the exclusion of everything else might make them the next Ferrari.... but it can never make them the next Toyota!!!

    Sell more like Toyota and Bill Gates were interested in doing and capturing market share from top to bottom and you can be #1 Electronics Corporation that is always investing in it's own future..... FIRST... with greatest CAPeX and R&D Spending. Apple was just #46 in R&D last year and in a few years that's going to hurt them more than anything they're doing or not doing to prevent it. Their so called CASH? as fake as a $3 dollar bill. Now that they are building debt that offsets it's value and they can't even use any of that so called Cash (only a form of Corporate IRA's) for up to 25yrs. When Apple decided to start funneling cash into buying innovation, parts and product fabrication in simply becoming a design house instead, they basically were telling the World they can be the New Carpetbaggers in the Electronics Industry. By buying their way into an industry instead of working for it and sharing innovations they simply have bought or stolen from others!!!