Samsung set to announce Galaxy Note before Apple iPhone 5

Samsung set to announce Galaxy Note before Apple iPhone 5

Summary: Samsung is set to release the next iteration of its Galaxy Note at the end of the month, prior to the date that Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5.

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Samsung is set to reveal the sequel to the Galaxy Note on 29 August, ahead of the iPhone 5's rumoured release date.

A Samsung spokesperson told Reuters that it plans to announce the next Galaxy Note at the company's Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on 29 August. ZDNet Australia contacted Samsung for comment, but hadn't received a response at the time of writing.

The release date is just prior to the date that Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5, on 12 September.

The new Galaxy Note is rumoured to be even larger and faster than its predecessor, with a 5.5-inch display as opposed to the original Note's 5.3-inch display, a faster 1.7GHz CPU, more memory and 4G/long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity. It is also expected to launch with Android Jelly Bean out of the box.

Samsung announced the original Galaxy Note at the keynote of consumer electronics fair IFA in Berlin last year. This year, IFA will fall on 31 August.

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  • Meanwhile, Apple Is Busy Fighting Yesterday's Battle ...

    ... trying to keep Samsung's old products off the shelves.

    It will never be able to keep up with the Android vendors--new Android products are sprouting like weeds, wherever you look.
    • Samsung should bring out flexible displays

      And make sure Apple never can do so.
    • Sadly you miss the point

      If you think this is a battle about the past then you're sadly mistaken. Apple's goal has always been to protect all future releases. And they are doing it by showing manufacturers that if they're going to copy Apple, it's gonna be f'ing expensive. Even if Samsung wins this battle they could care less.

      Just look at the S3. As many have said, it's a phone designed by lawyers. Apple's goal has already been achieved. Apple could care less how many phones they sell as long as its not on the back of Apple's own success. Apple loves the fact that Samsung is eating up all other Android manufacturers because it only makes Google (and thus the Android platform) weaker. Why do you think Google gave the Nexus 7 to Asus instead of Samsung? Just look at the Galaxy Nexus 7. Even with Jelly Bean it's sitting on shelves while the S3 is selling like hotcakes to Android fans. Do you really think Google likes that? Especially with Samsung adding their own stuff. Google dislikes it as much as they dislike the Kindle Fire.
      • Galaxy Nexus not Nexus 7

        there shouldn't be a 7 there lol
      • What are you babbling about?

        You make absolutely no sense and have no idea how Google and Android work. You don't even know what the different products are called. The Galaxy Nexus phone has been one of the most popular, and it's been out for a while. The SIII just came out last month in the US and has been selling very well in the rest of the world too.

        The Galaxy Note has been of Samsung's best selling phone/tablets.

        The reason Google had ASUS build the Nexus 7 is because ASUS tablets have great build quality. The Transformer series of tablets are the best on the market. Better than the iPad hands down especially when you compare it to the new Transformer Pad Infinity that came out last month and is already on backorder in most places.
      • Know a Lot

        Maybe you should get some facts instead of opinions. Samsung sells about twice as many smart phones as Apple. In the latest quarter Samsung increases smartphone sales and profits, while Apple's sales and profits declined. Overall Android phones have nearly 70% of the market. Samsung manufactures about 60% of the components in Apple phones including the much touted "Retina" display. And when the i5 comes out with AMOLED, ("Retina" display draws too much juice) Samsung will manufacture that too. What Apple's problem is that Samsung have already eaten their lunch with smart phones, and the next is tablets. The law suits are only a minor annoyance for Samsung, and the boys at Google will get into it soon. Apples CEO is replaceable if he makes too many missteps the Google CEOs are not. (they own 51%)
      • On the back of Apple's products?

        Stop buying into the nonsense! Apple has only succeeded in accumulating vague nonsense patents because of the US' broken system... they wouldn't have even been able to get the anywhere else! Trying reading a few of them before applauding Apple for F-sake!

        The reason Samsung is already wiping the floor with Apple is because they have a deeper supply and manufacturing chain (including the manufacturing and supply of many of the iPhone components), as well as producing a far superior collection of products in the Galaxy family... I know quite a few who are actually ditching their iPhones for Galaxy's II and III

        The success Samsung is having is due to the fact that they pay more attention to what the [i]consumer[/i] is asking for, as opposed to Apple which follows the Job's philosophy of considering the customer too stupid to know what it is that they want and deciding for them
  • Personal teleporters released before iPhone 5...

    Just as believable a headline as there is no such thing as an "iPhone 5". There's a 5th-gen iPhone and it's called the 4S.
    • What are you saying?

      What exactly is the message you are trying to convey?

      That the new iPhone will not be called the 5?

      That reporters are not allowed to use the notion that 5 comes after 4? That we the public are not going to call it 5 - in the same way we don't call the iPad3 the "new iPad", and D&D Next D&D 5th edition?

      It is today's marketing fad to remove version numbers from products, and just refer to the by the original model name. This will be interchanged with the other two fads - use of fancy evocative names (such as Elan, Elise or Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich) or strict numerical names such as SII, SIII.

      It is all marketing mumbo-jumbo created by air-heads and validated by stay-at home moms in focus groups, and I have no problem journalists using names that at least help us to draw a distinction between models in a clear and obvious fashion.
      • Who's marketing?

        The notion of an "iPhone 5" arrived last generation with the 5th-gen iPhone so in essence the 4S is indeed the "iPhone 5" but bloggers and crybabies alike didn't like what was released as it didn't fit what their "iPhone 5" was rumored to be. So they have been keeping the term alive as some type of holy grail. Using your iPad reference would indeed suggest folks should in-fact call the next iPhone the "iPhone 6" because in reality that is what it is, the 6th-gen iPhone.
        • iPhone 5 - the 6th gen phone

          So if iPhone 4S is the 5th gen iPhone, then we can expect the 6th gen iPhone to include an option for Siri to use a hunky man's voice, ability to support Gmail, and copy and paste. That would be a big step forwards over the current iPhone
  • ...

    Now if they can just release the new Note not on AT&T and have it for sprint or Boost then we have something but on AT&T its just a pass on a great phone.
  • Samsung Note

    Here's something that Apple certainly can't claim they invented first - pressure sensitive pen on a tablet.
    I know we've used pressure-sensitive pen on tablets since the ancient Greeks (on wax, and on stone), but Samsung's implementation is really good. Can't wait for the 10 inch version, then I can write my notes and drawings instead of struggling with a keyboard and zoom in to draw with a finger!
  • Galaxy catching Apple in search queries

    Its is really interesting how this develops. Samsung is doing really a good job under the Galaxy brand, slowly catching iPhone. Noticed this graph, it shows it clearly: