Samsung ships 5 million Galaxy Note 3s in first month

Samsung ships 5 million Galaxy Note 3s in first month

Summary: Samsung has shown great success with their Galaxy Note series and the latest device, the Note 3, is raising the bar for shipments.

Samsung ships 5 million Galaxy Note 3s in first month
(Image: Samsung)

Samsung surprised many people with the success of the Galaxy Note.

The Note II continued that success with 3 million devices shipped in the first month. Samsung's president and CEO, JK Shin, reported that Samsung shipped 5 million Galaxy Note 3s in the first month.

My personal Note 3 was just returned to T-Mobile last week, but I may pick one up again if the Nexus 5 doesn't satisfy me. I love and hate the Note 3, but there is no denying that it is a fantastic large screen enterprise phone that is obviously satisfying customers.

Keep in mind that the figures that Samsung provides are shipment figures and not sales figures. This counts devices sent from Samsung to carriers, retailers, and other sales channels.

The original Galaxy Note took five months to reach this 5 million device level while the Note II took two months. As more phones are getting larger, the Note line becomes more appealing. Then when you see what Samsung is doing to improve S Pen functionality the Note 3 becomes a device for both the mainstream consumer and enterprise customer.

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  • now compare that...

    with the 9 million iPhones sold in the first weekend.

    'Sold' mind you, not 'Shipped'.

    What's that evidence of?
    • Can I shake your hand?

      I want to be like you.
    • Well

      They like to claim that Apple doesn't report phones as sold if they only ship them but, Apple changed that for the sake of their stock about 5 years ago and now shipped to Best Buy, Verizon, and the like are considered Sold.

      Of course you know the activations are what counts but, those numbers aren't shared that quickly and they're usually averaged over the whole bIOs lineup.
    • That the iphone is apple, that's it

      Galaxy note 3 is one of the 4,597 different phones Samsung offer to market.

      It's not their main flagship either.

      And they sell miles more the everyone else

      And make more cash

      Then invest it, not sit in off-shore accounts
      • Samsung provide an acceptable budget alternative....

        The way Samsung have applied Android is good enough but build quality is poor placed beside the iPhone and iPad.

        I have spoken to several Galaxy users and there is one common complaint and that is they are built out of plastic.
        • Plastic?

          Yeah. I've got a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX. The back is Kevlar, but it looks and feels like plastic. (Well, technically speaking Kevlar is a polymer which is a kind of plastic) But Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel. All of the Droids that are newer are using this kind of "plastic". So, I'll opt for plastic.