Samsung sold 30 million Galaxy S III units in five months

Samsung sold 30 million Galaxy S III units in five months

Summary: Samsung's Galaxy S III appears to be a winner worldwide with more than 30 million devices sold in record time.


Samsung has confirmed that it has sold over 30 million units of the Galaxy S III smartphone worldwide within 157 days, or approximately five months.

Note that that the keyword used by Samsung is "sales," not shipped. The latter would just mean that is how many devices Samsung has shipped to reseller partners, which would not necessarily mean that those devices had been bought.

Sales is the more important (and impressive) label of the two as that means more than 30 million people around the globe have actually shelled out the cash for this smartphone.

Within the United States, the Galaxy S III is available with all of the major mobile carriers. The Android-based smartphone starts at $199 with a two-year service agreement.

The Seoul-headquartered company compared the newly announced record to the S III's predecessor, the Galaxy S II, which surpassed 10 million devices sold globally with the same time period after launching in 2011.

The Galaxy S III debuted on May 29.

Here are some extra stats provided by Samsung about the recent and short history of the Galaxy S III thus far:

  • One unit sold every 0.45 seconds worldwide
  • 10 million units sold in 50 days
  • 20 million units sold in 100 days
  • Now upgradable to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) -- depending on the country and wireless provider

Samsung isn't the only one celebrating (or at least boasting about) major mobile sales. Apple also announced record sales -- albeit on the tablet front -- for the iPad series.

Although the Cupertino, Calif. corporation didn't reveal the breakdown between fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini sales, collectively they reportedly toppled the three million-mark in the first weekend of availability.

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  • congrats

    samsung has finally found its iPad. I wish I could get one but I'd only go unlocked and those are going for like $650, which I can't afford. I'll have to settle for the nexus 4 as my next phone. Maybe pick one of these up in a year for half price.
  • i meant iphone

    not ipad.
    • Galaxy S was always Samung's best selling single model

      The issue was and still is that cheaper models have much more numbers, versions and sales. But Samsung catches up with Apple indeed.

      Yes, iPhone 5 is going to surpass total SGS3 sales in the coming weeks, but this model now lags behind iPhone 5 only about twice. To keep its #1 phone model in the world place next year, Apple has to expand its iPhone sales much faster than it did in this years 2nd and 3rd calendar quarters, when sales stagnated.

      Apple might need to have twice per year iPhone upgrade cycle, otherwise there will be always loosing 2nd and 3rd calendar quarters. (Notice I am not saying Apple should release new flagship phone every two months like Samsung does -- in various forms and names.)
  • good for them...

    thats triple what they did with the Galaxy S II ... looks like they really stepped it up...

    Wonder why iPhone 5's web usage share surpassed the Galaxy S3 so quickly though, are people just not using the internet much on the S3?
    • Internet on S3

      It is funny you asked that because a lot of people dont see it. Unlike Apple Android gets new users and existing users. So that being said data plans these days are ridiculous so people jumping in the smartphone market just plain sucks. Most Apple users are the only users supporting Apple and willing to pay what ever tag Apple slaps on their products.

      When ever I see people at BB store trying to get Apple computers I try to get them away from Apple and over to a Windows PC. Only because Apple products are just to over price and most innocent/noob users should not get raped on their hard earned money.