Samsung sues LG on invalid OLED patents

Samsung sues LG on invalid OLED patents

Summary: In response to LG's suit for alleged patent violation, Samsung claims seven of the OLED patents LG Display owns are invalid.


Samsung Electronics has filed a lawsuit against LG Display, alleging seven of the latter's patents on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel technologies to be invalid as they lack innovation.

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported Monday that Samsung filed the suit with a local intellectual property tribunal, seeking LG Display's patents to be declared invalid.

The move comes after LG Display in September sued Samsung over an alleged violation of its OLED patents. That suit claimed five Samsung products, including the Galaxy S smartphone series and Galaxy Tab tablet device, had infringed on LG Display's patents, according to the report. Compared to liquid crystal displays (LCD) which require a backlight, OLED displays enable slimmer designs and more vivid images, and has led TV manufacturers to turn to it amid slowing TV demand.

LG Display, an affiliate of LG Electronics, is the world's No. 2 maker of LCD panels.

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  • Samesung

    Lol - is this Samesung's entire biz model - yeah we copied you but your patents are invalid? Maybe Samesung was inspired by a tub of water in this case!
  • Huh?

    Maybe you should finish grade school and read up on utility patents before rehashing something you read in the comments section of AppleInsider.
  • Only 7 invalid?

    LG has registered over 230 patents for OLED displays (mostly in late 2010) -
    Would be surprising if all of those were valid !